I realize that things are getting fairly skimpy in the mainstream press.  Layoffs, downsizing, and–you know–saving money.  But it’s starting to get ridiculous.  Some cases in point:

Two stories in the same newspaper –on the same day.  First headline: Winter holiday anti-DUI campaign nets 57 arrests in Butte County.   Second headline:  Butte County logs 92 holiday DUI arrests.  I never did find out which story was right.  Okay, which is it?

Here’s another from the internet’s Money News.  Euro UNLIKELY TO LAST THE DECADE.  Same internet page: Euro is world’s MOST SOLID CURRENCY.  Okay, which is it?

From the Sacramento Bee, a news story about the inclement weather in southern California:  Branches from one falling tree hit Greg Mora’s car.  Mora SUFFERED A GASHED FOREHEAD.  NO INJURIES were reported from the toppling trees.  Okay, which is it?

And finally, this gem:  Two stories, same subject, two different news sources.  From the Sacramento Bee dated December 10th:  For the sixth year in a row, MORE PEOPLE LEFT CALIFORNIA FOR OTHER STATES than came here from them, according to the Department of Finance.  But on the very same day in the Chico Enterprise Record, there’s this from the Associated Press:  California’s population grew less than 1 percent in the last fiscal year as FEWER PEOPLE MOVED TO OTHER STATES.

It certainly gives impetus to the ol’ saying “Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers –or on the internet for that matter.



The job of a district attorne is to prosecute criminal cases to the fullest extent of the law.  If any sympathy is to be awarded to defendants, it’s left up to the judge, not the DA.  If a district attorney does NOT prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, the DA isn’t doing his/her job.

Butte County District Attrney Mike Ramsey DOES prosecute to the fullest extent of th law.  That’s what he’s paid to do…it’s what  he does.  He’s been doing it for over twenty years in this county.  He’s good at what he does, and that’s one of the reasons he seldom has had anyone seriously challenge him in an election.

This year, it’s different.  Seems a handful of business owners in and around Oroville were caught playing fast and loose with environmental laws.  They didn’t particularly like the fact that they were caught, and ended up on the wrong side of the law.  So, they went “lawyer shopping.”  They found a defense lawyer in Sacramento who agreed to move to Butte County and take on Ramsey in an election battle.  The business men provided the money it takes for a political campaign.

There’s good reason Mike Ramsey has been our district attorney all these years.  He’s doing a good job…he’s doing what he’s paid to do…and he deserves to be reelected as our district attorney.  After he wins on June 8th, we’ll likely see Lance Daniels slink back to Sacramento where he’ll continue to represent lawbreakers as a defense attorney.


For twelve years, I sat behind a microphone hosting the talk show KPAY Liveline. During every election cycle, I asked listeners the following question: “Why is it that every candidate running for office dons the clothing of Conservatism, regardless of party affiliation?”

I asked that question repeatedly over the years because after elections were over, the fake conservatives  threw off their conservative clothes and revealed themselves in all their nakedness of Liberals.  Our current election cycle is no different.  Running for governor of this state, our two combatants on the Republican ticket (Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner) are spending their cash trying to out-conservative each other.

As history has shown the winner will cast off the conservative clothing once elected, and reveal himselfor herself in all their naked splendor.  It’s the same old “wolf in sheep’s clothing” story.  Neither of the aforementioned candidates are Conservative! Both are liars!

Of the eight candidates running for governor on the Republican ticket, only one is truly a Conservative.  That would be Lawrence Naritelli.  Unfortunately, he’s not a multi-millionare, and face it, it takes  millions to run for such a high office in this state.

When the primary is over, California’s voters wil be left with the following choice for governor:  Meg Whitman versus Jerry Brown, or Steve Poizner versus Jerry Brown.  It’ll be yet another case of “hold your nose and vote for one.”


Walgreens.  Hah!  You thought I was gonna say Walmart, huh?  That’s because Walmart is the only business that attracts Union shills posing as environmentalists while trying to block Walmart’s expansion plans.  Ever wonder why it’s only Walmart they’re trying to step on?

Walgreens Drug is in the process of expanding it’s store at East Avenue and Cohasset Road.  Two buildings were torn down to make way for the new, improved, and bigger Walgreens.  In addition, as if a bigger drug store wasn’t enough, Walgreens is building ANOTHER store from the ground up on the corner of East Avenue and the Esplanade.  That location is right across the street from Rite Aid.

Funny thing.  I don’t hear any of those Union shills (posing as environmentalists) pointing out how all those new Walgreen stores might cause Rite Aid employees to lose their jobs.  Nobody pointing out how the additional store at East Avenue and the Esplanade will complicate an already overburdened traffic problem.

I haven’t heard a single complaint about Longs/CVS Pharmacy building a new drug store on the corner of Esplanade and Lassen avenue.  That makes THREE Longs/CVS Drug stores within five miles of each other.  Do you hear anybody screaming “Oh no, not another Longs.”?

Why is it that it’s only Walmart that gets slapped around?  Answer?  The chain is non-Union.  It’s as simple as that.  The Union would love to get in there and try to “organize” Walmart’s employees.  There’s a lotta’ money to be had from Union dues–if only the Union could just get in there and get its hands into the pockets of those employees.  Sor far, no dice!

So, when you read and hear from the shills about how a Walmart expansion will cause (fill in the store name here) to go out of business, do you think they really care?  Nope!  When you hear the shills scream about all that CO2 being put into the air because of all that traffic on Forest Avenue, do you think they really care?  Nope!

All they’re trying to do is thwart Walmart…any way and every way they can.  They’re not complaining about Walgreens expansion and building, or Longs/CVS expansion and building…no screaming about all that extra CO2 in the air around East Avenue and the Esplanade, and no worrying about which drug store will put the other out of business.

So now, Walmart’s expansion plans are back before the Chico City Council after having been denied by the Planning Commission on those very grounds mentioned above…CO2 and traffic.

Having met all proper requirements, mitigation and other regulations, Walmart has every right to expand and improve its business, just as every other business in Chico enjoys those same rights (whether they’re Union….or not.)


When I told my little blond I was writing an article about the historic milestone Richvale will celebrate Saturday June 27th, she said  “who is Richvale?”  I replied “It’s not who…it’s where.”  She asked “Where is Richvale.”  We’ve lived in Butte County since 1985 and everybody should know where Richvale is…RIGHT?  Wrong!  All I could tell her was “It’s somewhere west of Oroville.”

Richvale isn’t a city…and it’s certainly not a town.  It’s a community, and certainly a vital part of the California rice industry.  On June 27th, the community celebrates its 100th anniversary…and the public is invited to join in the celebration.

It’ll be fun for the whole family…and get THIS:  The activity-filled day is entitled “Mosquitoes, Mud, and Memories.”  That should tell you a lot about the community of Richavale of a hundred years ago.  But this is a hundred years later and they don’t worry about mosquitoes and mud anymore.

The festivities kick off at 8:00 AM with a pancake breakfast, and thoughout the day, the public can enjoy music,  check out the displays featuring antique farm equipment which toilers of the soil had to work with a hundred years ago.  A retrospective of the history of Richvale starts at 9:00 AM.

There’s no admission charge, but if you get there in time for breakfast, it’s only two bucks.  If you stay for lunch, lunch tickets range from four to eight bucks depending on how hungry you are.  The whole celebration is a community charity event with all proceeds going to the Community Foundation of Richvale, and the Richvale-Biggs Education Foundation.

Richvale is home to some of the most productive rice fields, and of course, rice is a dominant industry in the Sacramento Valley and contributes more than 1.3 billiion dollars annually to our state’s economy.

And so…back to the question “Where th’ hell is Richvale?”  It’s west of Oroville, located off Highway 99, by taking a turn at the Richvale Highway.  There are signs there, and signs pointing the way to the celebration as you approach the community off Richvale Highway.  The public is encouraged to come out and enjoy the celebration of Richvale’s 100th anniversary.  Bring the kids, too.  (Just don’t tell ’em how educational the event will be.  Let ’em discover that n their own.


It’s that time again – time to honor all military veterans for their service to our country.  Each year during the month of June, the Veterans Honor Breakfast is held on the massive grounds of the Community Church of God in Chico.  It’s located on the corner of east Avenue and Ceres, right across from the 7 Eleven.

The date is Saturday June 20th, 8 to 11:30AM.  The public is encouraged to come out and enjoy breakfast cooked up by the Sheriff’s Pancake Wagon and consists of sausages pancakes, juices and coffee.   All veterans eat free.  Non veterans pay only $4.00

There will be military displays, veterans group displays, vintage military vehicle displays, color guard presentation and a Special Veteran of the Day presentation by Congressman Wally Herger.  I’ll be there as Master of Ceremonies again this year.  This is an event that can be appreciated by the whole family.

Tickets can be reserved in advance by calling 345-4300 or purchased on the grounds during the day of the event.  Breakfast starts serving at 8AM.  So why not join us for an area-wide celebration to honor all veterans who have served to protect our country.  A day for everyone – enjoy it with your family.

Its sponsored by the Chico News and Review, KNVN TV and KHSL TV.  If you have any questions regarding the event, just click on the word “comments” below.  I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


While Californians were concentrating on the special election ballot measures, our lawmakers (both Assembly and Senate) were quietly passing the “Harvey Milk Gay Day” bill which (unless vetoed by the governor) will affect children as young as kindergarten.  SB 572 directs every public school in California to conduct “suitable commemorative exercises” every May 22nd in support of the radical sexual agenda of Harvey Milk.

While only one Republican voted in favor of the bill (Sen. Abel Moldonado) not a single Republican Senator stood up to speak out against it.  So far, not one Republican has called on the governor to veto it.

What’s really interesting about this “in your face” vote by our legislature is that it runs counter to a statewide poll by Survey USA.  That poll in early March found that sixty nine percent of Californians OPPOSED creating Harvey Milk day” while only 19 percent approved.  In spite of the poll’s results, the democrat-controlled Senate and Assembly thumbed its noses at us and in effect said “screw you!”

It’s obvious that our democrat-controlled legislature is determined to promote the homosexual lifestyle as a role model for our children.  Randy Thomasson of Save California.com says “It’s absurd–the gvernment school system teaches children not to smoke or use drugs, yet SB572 will teach children as young as kindergarten that homosexuality is good and healthy.”

According to the California Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report dated March 2009, homosexual and bisexual behavior causes up to 82 percent of all HIV transmissions in California…and yet…the text of SB572 states that “On Harvey Milk Day, exercises remembering the life of Harvey Milk, and recognizing his acomplishments as well as the contributions he made to this state, should be conducted; specifically, all public schools and educational institutions are encouraged to observe, and conduct suitable commemorative exercises.”

I, for one, couldn’t care less if some sicko gets his jollies by dipping his wick in a cesspool…but when that sicko tries to tell our school kids that it’s normal and healthy (and our Democrat-controlled legislature agrees) then it’s obvious….California has become one VERY SICK STATE!