WORLD SERIES –of spitting

If you’ve ever watched a basketball game on TV, you might have noticed the athletes never spit on the floor. Tennis players never spit on the courts. Golfers never spit on the greens. But baseball athletes are notorious for spitting. They’re notorious for crotch grabbing. They spit in the dugout…and spit on the infield…and in the S…S.and scratch their crotches (mostly while on base.)

I’m not much of a baseball fan except for the World Series. But I don’t watch the games to see which team scores the most points by running across home plate. I watch the World Series to see which team spits and crotch-grabs the most.

I still haven’t figured out why baseball players spit so much. It must have something to do with helping their team win. Why else would baseball players do it but basketball players don’t. If basketball players started spitting on the hardwoods, I’m sure it would change the dynamics of the game. Professional golfers would change the dynamics of their game if they started spitting on the fairways or greens…because the first golfer who hocked up one would finish out the round minus a few teeth.

Baseball players are the champions of spitting! As I watch the current World Series, I’m counting the number of times each team’s players spit and/or grab their crotch. By the time the World Series is over, one team will be crowned World Series Champions for having won the most games in the 7-game series….but one team will take home the crown for the most spits and most crotch-grabs.

I’ll tally the number of spits and crotch-grabs of each team and declare a champion. It matters not to me which team wins the most games or scores the most home runs. I’m just not that much of a baseball fan. I’m a football junky (which explains why I have omitted the fact that football players do a lot of spitting too….but they’re excused.) I would never write anything to demean football teams (unless it’s the Oakland Raiders.)





The Liberal Follies

It amazes me that left-wing liberals (and first cousin environmental wackos) continue to come up with cockamamie schemes which get off the ground only to come crashing back to earth. Their problem is…..they never follow through in their planning, to the final conclusion. Their plans may look good, sound good, and make ‘em FEEL good. And that’s where it ends.

Let me give you some examples: California’s environmental watchdog, known as CAL-EPA decided to set an example by making the Cal-EPA building “environmentally correct” by installing waterless urinals. 56 of the urinals were purchased and installed in the building. The cost? $25,000.

The objective? Saving 1 million gallons of water per year. Once the fan fare and ’going green’ media hoopla died down, the complaints began pouring in. Hundreds of ‘em. Complaints of sticky floors and bad smells. Finally, the green team at Cal EPA surrendered and ordered the urinals removed.

In Seattle, the town council squandered five MILLION dollars of taxpayer money. The council purchased five automated public toilets. The fancy toilets were to be placed in neighborhoods where drug users, transients, prostitutes and homosexuals congregate. These fancy johns weren’t “pay to operate” either. They were free. A gift to the destitute from the city. It made city officials ‘feel good.’  At first!

Problems began showing up almost immediately. Those who DID use the facilities left so much trash around, the automatic floor scrubbers wouldn’t work. Prostitutes, druggies and homosexuals found immediate use for the privacy behind the locked doors. But, it got SO BAD, even the destitute refused to use the facilities which became a health hazzard.

The city council decided it wasn’t such a great idea after all. So the question became…what to do with the five automated toilets. Answer? Sell ‘em on eBay. The toilets cost one million dollars apiece. Starting bid on eBay? $89,000.

Then there’s “paper or plastic?” By taking the plastic, we were saving the trees. Okay, so we’ve saved a bunch of trees, but look what plastic bags have done to our landfills, creeks. So now, it’s back to paper bags (at a price) or cloth bags. San Francisco has become the first city to outlaw plastic bags –period.

How about those wooden baseball bats in our schools. Oh…they require trees to be cut down in order to be manufactured. Replaced by aluminum bats. Injuries to kids skyrocket.

Then there was the idea of dumping millions of old tires in the ocean to provide habitat for fish. The tires scrubbed the ocean floor clean including coral and the fish didn’t want anything to do with ‘em. The fish left. The tires stayed, until the U.S. Navy was called in to retrieve ‘em all.

 I’ve often shined the light on the subject of the “best laid plans of mice and men.” Ideas that politicians, bureaucrats, environmental wackos and others come up with which end up biting everybody else in the butt. One would think they’d eventually stop all this nonsense, but unfortunately, it’s not in their character. THEY want to “feel good”.   WE have to pay.


Didja’ hear the one about the college economic professor who made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had once failed an entire class?  The class had insisted that President Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich…a great equalizer as a result of redistribution of wealth.

The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan.”  All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive and A.  After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.  The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.

As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less, and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too, so they studied little.  The second test average was a D.  No one was happy.

When the third test rolled around, the average was an F.  The scores never increased, as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.  All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told tthem that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great.  But when the government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

I’m not sure where that story originated, but the outcome of Obama’s socialist agenda can’t be explained in more simpler terms unless one reads and understands the words of Dr. Adrian Rogers, who in 1931 said this:  “When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work becaus somebody else is going to get what they work for…that my dear friend is about the end of any nation.”

Wellness gone whacko


TUESDAY 3-18-08 …He is an honors student, eighth grade class Vice President, and preparing to attend the honors dinner. Suddenly, he was barred from attending the honors dinner, stripped of his post as class vice president, and suspended from school!

First thoughts would be, did he take a gun to school, did he kill another student, was he dealing drugs? The answer would be “none of the above.” He simply bought a package of candy from another student. The Connecticut school levied those very punishments on an honor student with no history of misconduct, just for buying a bag of Skittles from his classmate.

You see…the school has what’s called a “Wellness Policy” that prohibits bake sales, classroom pizza parties……and the sale and possession of candy. The action by Superintendent Reginald Mayo and school principal Eleanor Turner created a firestorm in New Haven which spread like ripples on the water. When the dust cleared, school officials decided to clear the boy’s record and restore him to his student council post.

The incident prompted an op-ed piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution which compared many of the recent anti-obesity initiatives in American classrooms and state legislatures to Singapore’ shame-based education system. But according to the Center for Consumer Freedom, suspension for having candy isn’t the most absurd idea coming from such officials.

For example, Legislators in Georgia are attempting to pass a law that will mandate weigh-ins for school kids. Palm Beach, Florida has banned chain restaurants from opening in that island town. In Britain, the Food Standards Agency has considered plastering dairy products like cheese and butter, with cigarette-style health warnings, and recently instituted a policy instructing teachers to confiscate so-called “junk food”.

If officials are determined to micromanage and mandate our behavior, as it relates to our weight, wouldn’t it be better if they just mandated exercise?


My take on recent stories on the USS Liberty attack

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Recently, a lot of attention has been drawn to a blog that proposes a motive for the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. See this story: 

I was aboard the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany at the time of the USS Liberty attack.  My ship was off the coast of North Vietnam at the time…but the six-day war in the middle east had gotten “hot n’ heavy.”  We all heard about the attack on the USS Liberty….and while it supposedly was flying the U.S flag, the final word was “it was a case of mistaken identity.”  

Israel issued the standard apology…plus paid reparations to the U S, to the survivors, and next of kin.   Everytime I see this story regurgitated, it seems to develop new angles….pretty much like:

a.  the FBI new about the bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma before it happened.  That’s why there were no FBI agents in their offices at the time.  

b.  The way the twin towers fell on 9-11 “proves” explosives were placed inside the building, and Bush knew it all along.  

c.  There were  no remains of an aircraft in the rubble of the pentagon on 9-11 and that “proves” Bush/Chaney had a hand in the explosion.  

Truth is….six countries in the middle east were on the eve of attacking and destroying Israel.  Israel struck first, and defeated six countries in six days.  It’s not too large of a stretch to understand that in war, you shoot first, ask questions later.  It wasn’t beyond the scope of Egypt’s military to hoist a U.S. flag on one of their ships in an effort to glean military secrets and advantage over Israel during that war.   In fact, Egypt scuttled a hundred of their own ships in the Suez canal hoping to block the canal.   So…bottom line, I would take the reincarnated story of the USS Liberty with a grain o’ salt.  There is no doubting that it DID happen.  The question remains, “was it mistaken identity?”  I personally believe that it was. 

All that crock about LBJ preparing to “nuke” Egypt is just so much hogwash.  This country was already enmeshed in the Vietnam war.  What useful purpose of starting a “nuke” war would be gained?

Berzerkly, Code Fink, and the Marines

Code Fink protesters can’t even spell “assassination” correctly!

For more pictures of stupidity in action, see the fabulous Zombietime page 

To see the Berkeley city council doing the “people’s business”, see this YouTube video

TUESDAY 2-12-08…. Tonight is the night the Berkeley city council will try to redeem itself. That city, with the nickname “Berzerkly” has certainly earned it over the years, but it’s latest insanity has come close to hitting the city in the pocketbook where it hurts.

Last week, the city council voted to oust Marine Corps recruiters from their downtown office, saying the marines were “uninvited and unwelcome intruders.” At the same time, the council voted to give the radical protest group Code Pink, space outside the recruiting office and urged them to “impede, passively or actively” the work of marine corps recruiters.

When word of the action filtered out to the mainstream press, the fecal matter hit the fan! Six Republican senators came up with a plan to hit the city where it hurts… yanking 2.3 million dollars in federal funding. The money would be stripped from the Berkeley’s school lunch program, UC Berkeley, and ferry service, and given to the Marines instead. One of the senators said “Patriotic American taxpayers won’t sit quietly by while Berkeley insults our brave marines.”

The bill, titled the Semper Fi Act of 2008 was introduced by Senators James Inhofe, Jim DeMint, Saxby Chambliss, Tom Coburn, John Cornyn, and David Vitter. U.S. Congressman John Campbell of California is introducing a companion bill in the House of Representatives. Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer and Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Lee say they plan to fight the Republican bill.

Council member Dona Spring says she’s not backing down from her earlier position that the marines should get outta’ town. She said “I’m going to try to work to amend this resolution to make sure we’re expressing our full opposition to the military policies and that we do not feel it’s appropriate for any military recruiting to be done in Berkeley. The message to the Marines should be ‘you need to go.’ and I’m not backing down.”

I have a suggestion: Invite the Taliban and other Islamic terrorists to move in, and take the marines’ place. After they’ve put all women in burkas, and cut off the heads of any males who object, see if you can convince the marines to come back.

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