Bruce Sessions became a part of the ‘mainstream media” in 1978 following his retirement from the U.S. Navy. He spent eight years as a reporter for radio stations KORK, KXTZ and KRRI in the Las Vegas area. He moved to Magalia, California in 1985 and was hired as news director for KRIJ Paradise for four years. Then it was on to KNVR, Chico as news director for three more. In November of 1991, he was hired by KPAY as a talk show host and for ten years to the day, hosted a three-hour per day talk show “The KPAY Liveline.”

He took a one-year sabbatical in 2001, then returned to the newsroom, and that was followed by one more year as a talk show host. After that one year, he felt it was time to step aside and make way for the younger generation, but not to the point of stifling his opinion. His daily feature “Tidbits from the B.S. Notebook airs twice daily on KPAY and gives him the opportunity to speak his mind about the news events of the day.

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