Surfing the net can be interesting, boring, enlightening, fascinating and/or surprising. Such was the case when I came upon a web site with this address: A-CAN-CHA-DESIGN.COM.

Being a curious sort, I decided to log into it. It was there that I found a website where dog owners, breeders and just plain dog lovers could find goodies related to their specific breeds. For example, I’m partial to German Shepherds, having been a military dog trainer for many years.

The web site showed beautifully crafted, colorfully embroidered German Shepherd heads on fleece jackets and T-shirts. Every breed recognized by the American Kennel Club is represented. While browsing through the site, it was like I’d found a giant toy-store devoted to dogs. But that wasn’t all.

The web site was started by Candice Wolf (known to me as “Candy” Wolf.) Candy was one of my staff trainers at my dog training school Bruce Sessions’ Canine College in San Diego. That was the decade of the 1970’s following my 20 year retirement from the U.S. Navy.

I hadn’t heard from Candy since I departed San Diego and headed to Nevada to train the North Las Vegas Police canine corps. So, imagine my surprise running in to her on the web. That’s what I meant when I said surfing the net can be interesting, fascinating, enlightening…..and surprising.

Candy is still training dogs, but now offers dog owners even more of her talent by providing colorful embroidery that can be affixed to dog sweaters, coats and even that jacket you’re wearing. Why not check out the site for yourself. You’ll find it a http://a-can-cha-design.com


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