Politicians (primarily Democrats) have developed a new vocabulary. They have totally deleted the word LIE. The new word is MIS-SPOKE. Now, they can lie with impunity and get away with it.

It all started with Hillary Clinton while she was campaigning for the presidential nomination. Remember her claim of coming under hostile fire while disembarking from a plane in Kosovo? She claims she had to duck and run for cover. Fortunately, others on the same plane at the same time had no such recollection, and nary a shot had been fired.

When confronted by reporters, she admitted that she merely “mis-spoke”, and that was the end of it. All was forgiven.

Then there’s democrat candidate for Senate, Richard Blumenthal who lied through his teeth claiming to have served in Vietnam. Turns out he was a military reservist who had never set foot in Vietnam. But, according to Blumenthal, he didn’t lie about it. He merely mis-spoke. All is forgiven and he’s still running for the Senate.

There used to be a joke about politicians and their lies. It went something like this; how do you know when a politician is lying. Answer? Their mouth is moving.

That joke won’t fly anymore…not in this day and age. Politicians don’t lie if they’re democrats. They merely mis-speak.



Wanna’ know where we REALLY are when it comes to the economy? It’s easy if we hit the rewind button and go back in time to the one year anniversary of Timothy Geithner’s maiden speech as Treasury Secretary. Notwithstanding the fact that Geithner was “outed” as a tax cheat prior to his nomination to that high post, Geithner had this to say while honoring his first year of achievements in February 2009.

“The actions we took, alongside the Recovery Act, have worked to restore economic growth and financial stability. Access to credit is improving and the cost of borrowing for businesses, consumers, homeowners and state and local governments has fallen sharply.”

That’s a pretty rosy scenario but it wasn’t true then…and it’s not true now. According to the Sacramento Bee, the Senior Vice President of the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce had this to say: “Small businesses must be able to get the cash they need to survive, grow and thrive. Access to capital for small business is as essential as water is to a fish. Without it, you don’t have the capacity to hire or retain employees or buy supplies. But so far, that cash lifeline remains frustratingly out of reach for many.”

The Small Business Administration (SBA) used to be the lifeline for small business, but according to the Bee’s figures, “Even if lending growth continues at the same pace in the second half of 2010, it’ll still remain far below 2007 figures. Combine that with the near absence of non-SBA lending, and the situation remains grim.”

So, Timothy Geithner’s one-year anniversary speech was nothing but a pack of lies designed to paint a picture for general public consumption. A picture designed to make his boss, Barack Obama, look good. A picture painted on canvass with disappearing ink, leaving nothing but an empty easel. Much like our president, who, as it turns out, is nothing more than an empty suit.