For twelve years, I sat behind a microphone hosting the talk show KPAY Liveline. During every election cycle, I asked listeners the following question: “Why is it that every candidate running for office dons the clothing of Conservatism, regardless of party affiliation?”

I asked that question repeatedly over the years because after elections were over, the fake conservatives  threw off their conservative clothes and revealed themselves in all their nakedness of Liberals.  Our current election cycle is no different.  Running for governor of this state, our two combatants on the Republican ticket (Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner) are spending their cash trying to out-conservative each other.

As history has shown the winner will cast off the conservative clothing once elected, and reveal himselfor herself in all their naked splendor.  It’s the same old “wolf in sheep’s clothing” story.  Neither of the aforementioned candidates are Conservative! Both are liars!

Of the eight candidates running for governor on the Republican ticket, only one is truly a Conservative.  That would be Lawrence Naritelli.  Unfortunately, he’s not a multi-millionare, and face it, it takes  millions to run for such a high office in this state.

When the primary is over, California’s voters wil be left with the following choice for governor:  Meg Whitman versus Jerry Brown, or Steve Poizner versus Jerry Brown.  It’ll be yet another case of “hold your nose and vote for one.”


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