It’s very easy–(and clever)– to say “homosexuals should be allowed to serve their country just like anybody else.”  The medi has jumped on this “gays in the military” thing, pushing hard in news items and editorial content hoping to persuade congress to lift the ban.

Admiral Mullen, Chairman ofthe Joint Chiefs of Staff serves “at the pleasure” of the president.  If Obama doesn’t like him,. he can be booted, and replaced by any officer willing to bend over and grab his ankles to do Obama’s biding.  Admiral Mullen now says he agrees with Obama, and homosexuals should be allowed to serve openly.

Truth is, homosexuals are allowed to serve already.  The only caveat is to keep their mouth shut and don’t tout their sexual proclivities.  Sounds reasonable to me…..if they truly want to serve their country.  Another truth:  THEY WANT MORE!  They want to serve openly. That’s the key word and it doesn’t mean they just want it to be okay to admit who and what they are.

They want to be able to exhibit it.  If an enlisted man, a chief or officer wants to take his girlfriend or wife to an on-base club for an evening out for dinner and dancing, the homosexual (serving openly) will demand the same.  Equal rights, or it’s discrimination.  When it first happens, on-base clubs will clear out because normal people simply do not want to witness two men dancing together, holding hands, and cuddling up.  On base clubs will deteriorate to nothing more than hangouts for homosexuals and eventually close up altogether.

The close confines of life onboard ships will change drastically, with the prevalence of AIDS, Hepatitis, tuberculosis, and all the other disease associated with the homosexual lifestyle.  A Brazilian General recently stated that homosexuals in the Brazilian military cannot be assigned to command positions, simply because subordinates will not obey any commands from a homosexual.

The bottom line here is, homosexuals are not oozing patriotism in their attempts to serve openly in our military.  Homosexuals trying to become Boy Scout leaders aren’t filled with a desire to simply teach young boys how to pitch a tent in the woods and sing songs around a campfire, either.

Our military is an all-volunteer force.  As Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North pointed out “No nation has ever had a better military than today’s all-volunteer U.S. Armed Forces.  The best trained, best equipped, most experienced.  But now, their commander-in-chief intends to put the capablities of this extraordinary force and our nation’s security at risk to carry out a radical social experiment.”

If allowing homosexuals to serve openly becomes the norm, I foresee a major exodus from the military followed by an immediate drop off of new volunteer recruits, exept for homsexuals.  How then, do the services reach their enlistement goals each year?  The onloy solution will be, a RETURN OF THE DRAFT!”