C’mon boys and girls…take your seats.  You’re in first grade now…start acting like it.

There, that’s better.  Today is the day our governor and democrat-controlled state legislature has set aside for all of us to honor and pay homage to a very special man.  He’s very special because he is dead now, but his legacy lives on.  He’s special because  he was a sexual predator of teens, a public liar, and a homosexual who liked teenage boys.  He was special because he believed grown men should have as many teenage boys for boyfriends as they could.

So, today, we put away our crayons and finger paintings, and we will start learning how to read and write, so we can admire the life and values of the notorious homosexual activist Harvey Milk.

Each of you have been given a textbook titled “The Life And Times Of Harvey Milk.”  So please turn to page 237.  This textbook was written by Harvey Milk’s friend Randy Shilts, known as the Mayor of Castro Street.

Follow along with me now, children, as I read the first paragraph: “As homosexuals, we can’t depend on the heterosexual model.  We grow up with the heterosexual model, but we don’t have to follow it.  We should be developing our own life-style.  There’s no reason why you can’t love (have sex with)more than one person at a time.  You don’t have to love them all the same.  You love some less, love some, more—and telling a very public lie is good if it gets you ahead.”

Uh, Mr. Teacher?

Yes Johnnie

Why are we supposed to honor such a person?

Well Johnnie, that’s just the way it is…HERE IN CALIFORNIA.


The Latest Get Rich Quick Scheme

I’ve often wondered–over the years–just which group would be next to have a bulls eye target painted on their backs.  It started out being smokers who were earmarked as the best nd most easily taxed group.  Cities, counties, states, and even the federal government went to the well over and over again, beause smokers were such an easy “funding mechanism.”

All that tax money extorted from smokers was purportedly used for paying for health benefits for children…and face it…who could be against health care (and education) for children?  But, that well has pretty much run dry now as more and more smokers have quit (or switched to smoking marijuana (which isn’t taxed) and after all…that hangnail is pretty painful.  A note from the doctor is all it takes to become a legal pot smoker.

So, now that the tobacco users have been all but “tapped out”…what group is next?  You don’t really think the money mongers will give up, do you?  The answer to that question finally came out last week.  Hunters?  Nope! Skiers? Nope! Fishermen? Nope!  Bowlers? Nope! Golfers?  Nope!

You see, folks, in order to be successful in creating a “funding mechanism”, it has to be tied in to HEALTH in some manner, shape or form.  The decision has been made.  SODA POP DRINKERS!!! It’s the “obesity epidemic” stupid.

A plan by a group of nutrition and economic “experts” have put forth a plan, released by the New England Journal of Medicine.  The plan was written by the Arkansas’ Surgeon General, New York City Health Commissioner and five other so-called experts.  The authors say a national soda tax would discourage people from  consuming extra calories (plus generate tax revenue.)  How much revenue?  Fifteen BILLION dollars in its first year.

And, what would the money be used for (as outlined in the plan?)  Here it comes:  Child nutrition and obesity prevention programs.   And in the New England Journal of Medicine, there’s this:  “Escalating health care costs and the rising burden of diseases related to poor diet and obesity, create an urgent need for  solutions, thus justifying the government’s right to recoup costs.”

Translation?  A soda pop tax is a surefire way for politicians to run a “get rich quick” scheme.