As I listened to Barack Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress, my primary thought was “Who in the hell does that man think he is!!”  The words “king” “caliphate” “a god” “fuehrer” “Imam issuing a Fatwa” came to mind.  His arrogance was on display for all to see…and hear.

I never heard the word “freedom” uttered.  I never heard the words “personal responsibility” uttered.  I saw and heard a man try to bludgeon members of Congress who were elected by the people.  I saw and heard a man talk about his “plan” to “fix” health care and make it all better.

The problem is, his health care plan is non-existent.  He has IDEAS for nationalizing health care, and ultimately having the federal government seize it….piecemeal if necessary. It’s the old “foot in the door” technique.  I refer back to the comment by the late Congressmn Foran who said “If we can only break through and get our foot inside the door, then we can expand the program after that.”

The Socialits themselves said “Once the Foran bill is passed, this nation will be provided with the mechanism for socialized medicine capable of indefinite expansion in every direction until it includes the entire population.”

Right now, the only ObamaCare bill in writing is House Bill 3200.  It’s only a thousand pages long and was written by a committee whose chirman says he doesn’t understand it, was passed by the House that admits it didn’t read it, funded by a Treasury Secretary who didn’t pay his taxes, overseen by  surgeon general who is obese, financed by a country that can’t afford it, and (if he can get away with it) will be signed by a president who smokes..

Let’s hope the voices of opposition continue to rise in crescendo.  It’s the only way to save this great nation and pull it back from the brink of Socialism.  We don”t need a king, a caliphate, a fuehrer, or an Imam.  We need a President of ALL the people.  We need a President who is PROUD of this country and isn’t afraid to say so.  We need a president who realizes it was our Constitution and the freedom of the people that made this country the envy of the entire world.


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    I wrote a lengthy response, hit submit.
    Got an error notice that I forgot the e-mail address, the complete response was erased.

    Bruce, please see about changing that,

  2. The president does not want a discussion on the matter, oh sure we the can voice our opinions but he isn’t allowing other ideas to come to the table, from conservative congress members, Mike Spence for instance.

    I am very tired of hearing how evil the insurance companies are, they are heavily regulated, forced to pay for things that should be consumer paid, in some instances cannot allow Major medical only, allowing consumer to pay for routine visits., all is due to government regulation and mandates.
    Insurance companies naturally pass the costs on to us, why wouldn’t they?
    Oh, yeah, the rant on HMO’s where someone decides if your procedure will be paid? That is Health Maintenance Programs, the brain child of Ted Kennedy.

    I e-mailed Barbara Boxer ( yeah I really did) I asked her why congress doesn’t concentrate on the people that work but cannot afford insurance premiums, the people that fall through the cracks, help them, but leave the rest of us alone. No, I did not get a response nor did I really expect one.

  3. Am I the only one that remembers we are supposed to have three co-equal branches of government?

    We are speaking of Obamba as if he is the HEAD of government in these United States. Well, actually the media is speaking of him that way and we (or perhaps they) are going right along with them. (Sheep that we are).

    Why are we letting the press get away with talking about an Obamba health care plan? Congress hase that authority and responsibility, not the President. Have we all be brain washed in government schools?

    Are we really going to let them get away with treating us as if we are dumb as a pile of ricks? Surely we’re not, are we?

    I’m not really the one to get on everyone and call everyone lazy, but if no one else is going to then I guess I’ll just have to. Now, I ain’t real smart, being a product of the West Virginia school system, however, back when I went to school I was taught there actually were three different brancvhes of our government.

    Beats the hell out of me what they’re teaching now but it seems that no one remembers anything about our government system. Are we all so interested in our own selves that we don’t really care about what’s going on in OUR world? Probably.

    Well, I’m here to tell you that I am not happy with what’s going on in my world. I’d like to blame all of you folks for my problems but in good faith, I can’t. It’s MY fault, at least much of it is. You see, I sit here thinking that you folks would stop things before it got out of hand, little did I realize you were doing the same thing. So, naturally, no one was doing anything to stop this terrible slide OUR country was experiencing.

    Now, I’m not the brightest bulb in the bunch but I do see that other’s are just about to take over OUR country. That upsets me a lot!

    If you’re upset as much as I am then we’d better do something QUICK!

    Do what, you say. I wish I had an answer for you. I plan to really piss off my congress woman and two senators by writting them, emainling them, calling them and maybe (if I really get mad) even visiting their officer in Washington, DC to let them actually hear just how pissed I am.

    Will you do the same?

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