U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder wants to bring charges against CIA operatives (for preventing attacks on this country.)  The Left-wing(nuts) say that’s not enough.  Dick Cheney and George Bush should be brought up on charges, too (for keeping this country safe in the eight years following 9-eleven.

Personally, I believe all CIA agents involved in the war on terror should receive the Medal of Freedom, and likewise, should Bush and Cheney.

But who got the medal?  On August 12th,  President Barack Obama presented the Medal of Freedom to the late Harvey Milk, that sick, demented, homosexual child-predator….the individual who did more to harm and tarnish the youth of this country than that drug-crazed University professor when he urged his students to “tune in , turn on….and drop out.”

Here in California, the Democrat-controlled legislature wants all schools to honor that pervert with a special day, called Harvey Milk Day.   The governor vetoed the idea last year, but it’s back on his desk again this year, and the Medal of Freedom presentation in the White House might just be enough to earn the governor’s signature.


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