Walgreens.  Hah!  You thought I was gonna say Walmart, huh?  That’s because Walmart is the only business that attracts Union shills posing as environmentalists while trying to block Walmart’s expansion plans.  Ever wonder why it’s only Walmart they’re trying to step on?

Walgreens Drug is in the process of expanding it’s store at East Avenue and Cohasset Road.  Two buildings were torn down to make way for the new, improved, and bigger Walgreens.  In addition, as if a bigger drug store wasn’t enough, Walgreens is building ANOTHER store from the ground up on the corner of East Avenue and the Esplanade.  That location is right across the street from Rite Aid.

Funny thing.  I don’t hear any of those Union shills (posing as environmentalists) pointing out how all those new Walgreen stores might cause Rite Aid employees to lose their jobs.  Nobody pointing out how the additional store at East Avenue and the Esplanade will complicate an already overburdened traffic problem.

I haven’t heard a single complaint about Longs/CVS Pharmacy building a new drug store on the corner of Esplanade and Lassen avenue.  That makes THREE Longs/CVS Drug stores within five miles of each other.  Do you hear anybody screaming “Oh no, not another Longs.”?

Why is it that it’s only Walmart that gets slapped around?  Answer?  The chain is non-Union.  It’s as simple as that.  The Union would love to get in there and try to “organize” Walmart’s employees.  There’s a lotta’ money to be had from Union dues–if only the Union could just get in there and get its hands into the pockets of those employees.  Sor far, no dice!

So, when you read and hear from the shills about how a Walmart expansion will cause (fill in the store name here) to go out of business, do you think they really care?  Nope!  When you hear the shills scream about all that CO2 being put into the air because of all that traffic on Forest Avenue, do you think they really care?  Nope!

All they’re trying to do is thwart Walmart…any way and every way they can.  They’re not complaining about Walgreens expansion and building, or Longs/CVS expansion and building…no screaming about all that extra CO2 in the air around East Avenue and the Esplanade, and no worrying about which drug store will put the other out of business.

So now, Walmart’s expansion plans are back before the Chico City Council after having been denied by the Planning Commission on those very grounds mentioned above…CO2 and traffic.

Having met all proper requirements, mitigation and other regulations, Walmart has every right to expand and improve its business, just as every other business in Chico enjoys those same rights (whether they’re Union….or not.)


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