For years, militant feminists preached the doctrine that women didn’t need a man…careers were more important than motherhood, so…get outta’ the kitchen and join the workforce;  and if you want a kid, forget the man..just grab a turkey baster.  And if you change your mind, grab an abortion doctor.

Then came the clarion call for a woman to be elected President of the United States.  Didn’t matter if the woman was qualified…only that her plumbing and other female attributes were anatomically correct.  The “clarion call” originated from those militant feminists.  They wanted a woman in the White House…period! 

The Democrats picked Geraldine Ferraro to be Walter Mondale’s running mate and the militant feminists were orgasmic.  The ticket lost, of course.  Not because of Geraldine necessarily, but because Mondale looked directly into the camera and said “As President, I will raise your taxes.”

The next best hope for the feminists was Hillary Clinton.  More orgasmic reaction.  “Finally…we’re gonna’ get a woman in the White House” they said.  Didn”t matter if Hillary lied through her teeth claiming to have come under fire from terrorists, didn’t matter about all that Whitewater baggage.  Hillary was anatomically correct, and that’s ALL that mattered.

The election for Hillary was a big bust. (No pun intended.)  But, in the mix came Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, her five kids, and a hubby she still considered “my guy.”  Her resume showed her to be the perfect feminist.  She could do all the things a man could do.  She’s even been a sportscaster just as Ronald Reagan was.  In other words, she could bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan.

One would think the militant feminists would be absolutely ecstatic over her selection as a vice presidential nominee in 2008…a woman on the brink of breaking the “glass ceiling.”  Here was a woman they could hold up as their new “savior”, their icon, their hero, their roll model.  It’s what they’ve always wanted.  It’s what they’d been shooting for…and finally a woman comes along with all the attributes for which they’d been searching.  And she was anatomically correct.

But did they close ranks around her?  Nope.  THEY FEARED HER, and still do to this day.  The militant feminists and all other liberals fear Sarah Paln.  They fear her so much they embarked on a scheme to demonize and destroy her.  They said it was irresponsible for a woman with five kids to run for vice president. (What happened to ‘get outta’ the kitchen and join the workforce’?)

The attacked her 17 year old daughter for being pregnant without benefit of marriage.  (When did militant feminists suddenly become opposed to pre-marital sex?)  Left wing bloggers, columnists, and now….even news reporters and other liberal talking heads have pulled out al the stops in their attempts to destroy Sarah Palin…because they’re AFRAID of her.

Why?  Because she is pro-gun, pro-tax cuts, pro-life…and… and… she’s happily married…TO A MAN!


4 Responses

  1. It really pains me to see the misogyny rampant in hate blogs against the Governor. I do not understand to this day why women of all political persuasions don’t stand up for the Governor at least when it comes to her womanity.

  2. In my view the left hates Sarah Palin because she believes in abstinence, teachers her kids the philosophy.
    She is pro-life, giving birth to a known Downs Syndrome baby.
    When Bristol was pregnant outside of marriage the liberals went nuts, proving how shallow they are, attacking a young girl for making a mistake., interesting that most of them believe teaching sex in schools, giving kids birth control telling them in essence to have fun, just don’t get caught, but if you do your option is abortion.

    The left wing demands tolerance of all, except those with differing views.. all of the above proved to be material for tearing Sarah Palin and her family apart, oh, and horrors! she hunts.
    one last thing, she is also prettier than all of them…

    I think the woman is great

  3. Bruce you need to talk about Wal-Mart and jobs

    • Certainly! That’s a ‘no-brainer. Wal Mart wants to expand its existing facilities, just as Walgreen’s and Long’s/CVS is doing…. and as Enloe has already done.
      None of the people speaking out against the Wal Mart expansion spoke out against the other businesses wanting to expand. You never see signs, slogans and other whinings like…..”Oh no, not another Shell station….oh no, not another Burger King….oh no, not another Rite Aid, Walgreens, Longs/CVS …..”

      It’s really quite simple. Wal Mart submitted its expansion plans, and has met all necessary criteria for approval….EXCEPT….caving in to the Unions which want to organize Wal Mart employees.

      Approval of the expansion will add over a hundred new jobs for Chico, and over a million dollars annually to the city’s coffers. And not one of the over one hundred new employees will whine and bitch about not being in a union. Case closed!

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