When I told my little blond I was writing an article about the historic milestone Richvale will celebrate Saturday June 27th, she said  “who is Richvale?”  I replied “It’s not who…it’s where.”  She asked “Where is Richvale.”  We’ve lived in Butte County since 1985 and everybody should know where Richvale is…RIGHT?  Wrong!  All I could tell her was “It’s somewhere west of Oroville.”

Richvale isn’t a city…and it’s certainly not a town.  It’s a community, and certainly a vital part of the California rice industry.  On June 27th, the community celebrates its 100th anniversary…and the public is invited to join in the celebration.

It’ll be fun for the whole family…and get THIS:  The activity-filled day is entitled “Mosquitoes, Mud, and Memories.”  That should tell you a lot about the community of Richavale of a hundred years ago.  But this is a hundred years later and they don’t worry about mosquitoes and mud anymore.

The festivities kick off at 8:00 AM with a pancake breakfast, and thoughout the day, the public can enjoy music,  check out the displays featuring antique farm equipment which toilers of the soil had to work with a hundred years ago.  A retrospective of the history of Richvale starts at 9:00 AM.

There’s no admission charge, but if you get there in time for breakfast, it’s only two bucks.  If you stay for lunch, lunch tickets range from four to eight bucks depending on how hungry you are.  The whole celebration is a community charity event with all proceeds going to the Community Foundation of Richvale, and the Richvale-Biggs Education Foundation.

Richvale is home to some of the most productive rice fields, and of course, rice is a dominant industry in the Sacramento Valley and contributes more than 1.3 billiion dollars annually to our state’s economy.

And so…back to the question “Where th’ hell is Richvale?”  It’s west of Oroville, located off Highway 99, by taking a turn at the Richvale Highway.  There are signs there, and signs pointing the way to the celebration as you approach the community off Richvale Highway.  The public is encouraged to come out and enjoy the celebration of Richvale’s 100th anniversary.  Bring the kids, too.  (Just don’t tell ’em how educational the event will be.  Let ’em discover that n their own.


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