My DMV renewal notice arrived in my mailbox on Wednesday, May 13th.  After opening it, and seeing how much more it’ll cost me to register my 1997 Chevy, it reminded me that I hdn’t yet filled out my absentee ballot.  I immediately put the DMV renewal form down, and opened the envelope containing my ‘special election’ ballot.  It was with great pleasure that I filled in the NO oval of each ballot measure except 1F.  That’s the only one that got my ‘yes’ vote.  No pay raises for lawmakers when the state faces a deficit.

Why?  Rather than cut frivolous spending, our lawmakers in their questionable wisdom decided to take more of my limited income to pay for their lavishness.  Then, they have the audacity to add a ballot measure that would increase the lengfth of time the new tax increases remain in effect.  Gawd…I hope the electorate turns these propositions down.

And yes, I’ll admit, if the props fail, our lawmakers will punish us!  They’ll see to it that additional cuts will be made that’ll be excruciatingly painful–to us, BUT NOT TO THEM!  Hopefully the pain to us will be so severe that we’ll not forget it when 2010 rolls around and it’s time for us to elect new state legislators, and a new governor.

What really ticks me off…lawmakers and the gov are telling us “We don”t have enough money to pay the state’s bills, so we’re gonna’ take more money away from you, and if you can’t pay your bills, THAT’S TOUGH.  DEAL WITH IT.”

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed filling out my vote-by-mail ballot.  I realize it’s only one vote…but it’s MY vote…and it’s the only way I know to send the message that the incompetence of our state legislature must END, and that as a citizen and resident of this state, I’m sick and tired of being ripped off by elected officials who believe it’s their right to live high on the hog on my money.

I have to budget according to my income.  THEY SHOULD BUDGET ACCORDING TO THE STATE’S INCOME.  Hopefully, Californians will send that message loud and clear on Tuesday, May 19th.


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  1. Want to move to Oregon? We’re in a little better shape than California is right now. I feel sorry for you guys. You just keep on voting. And keep on speaking up. If more people would speak up and get politically active, maybe we could see some real legitimate changes! And I’m not talking about Obama’s definition of change, which seems to be an effort to morph America into another country completely. Gasp!

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