For a scant few moments this past week, I felt that our state legislature had finally gotten the message.  Leadership begins at the top and painful cost-cutting measures should start there.  The reason for my jubilance came in the form of Senate Bill 44 which would’ve begun the elimination of those frivolous do-nothing boards and commissions which merely serve as “weigh-stations” with six figure salaries for termed out, over the hill lawmakers.  A companion bill was introduced in the Assembly.

I thought to myself…”by golly, I do believe they’ve finally gotten it.  They’re finally serious about really cutting unnecessary and wasteful spending.”  The Integrated Waste Managemnt Board would be just the beginning…then…like dominoes, the others would fall, saving the state literally millions and millions of dollars.  It would be the “blowing up of the boxes” promise made by Arnold Schwarzenneger if we would all just elect him as our new governor.

Then came the vote:  Senate Bill 44 was defeated by the Senate Environmental Quality Committee, and Assembly Bill 1150 was killed by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.  Here’s how Steve Weigand of the Sacramento Bee put it: “Faced with the choice of saving between 2 and 3 million dollars a year, or PRESERVING A POTENTIAL AND LUCRATIVE POST-LEGISLATIVE RETIREMENT HAVEN,  Democrat lawmakers in both houses torpedoed both bills.

That action, folks, is tantamount to spitting in the face of every taxpayer in this state.  Our democrat-controlled legislature just doesn’t get it.  In the wake of forced furloughs, layoffs, home foreclosures, etc., our state legislature feels the solution to the budget problem is higher taxes on those who still have a job.  And to rub salt in the wound, they want to extend the recent tax increases an extra two years…and they’re asking voters to approve that idea by voting ‘yes’ on Proposition 1A.

Someone once told me California’s state legislature was a “laboratory for liberal ideas.”  Frankly, I believe its time voter shut that laboratory down.  Look what it’s done to the Golden State.


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