The onslaught of campaign mailers leading up to the May 19th special election, are in the mail.  The latest one states “Local Leaders Agree:  It’s Time to Limit State Spending.”  Right off the bat, at first reading, I’m sure you’ll think “Yeah! Limit state spending.”  Also on the front page of the flier, it reads, “Stabilize California’s Budget and Economy.”

Yep, I certainly agree.  Limit state spending and stabilize California’s budget and economy.  (Then comes the shaft.)  “Vote Yes on Props 1A through 1F.”  So now, we take a look insde the flier to see just how voting “yes” can bring all this stabilization and limits on state spending to fruition.

The page reads “Get California’s economy moving again.  Vote ‘yes’ on props 1A thru 1F.  It states “These measures will LIMIT SPENDING, hold politicians ACCOUNTABLE and PROHIBIT PAY RAISES for legislator any time the state budget has a deficit.”

What it does NOT say:  Voters went to the polls years ago and took pay raises out of the hands of politicians and placed the duty in the hands  of a bi-partisan commission.  That commission determines when, and how much lawmakers salaries will be boosted.  There is nothing in 1A thru 1F that declares that commission’s decisions null and void– defict or no deficit.

The flier states that Props 1A thru 1F will STABILIZE THE STATE’S BUDGET by locking in a tight spending cap and force politicians to save money in a rainy day account.  Sounds vaguely familiar with Congressman  Wally Herger’s Social Security Lockbox bill.  That bill was designed to keep politicians hands out of Social Security Funds.  It passed the House…failed in the Senate.  result?  No locbox.

How about the voter-approved bill to tax the state’s millionaires to fund mental health programs?  Our lawmakers are in the process (by virtue of this upcoming election) to steal that money and transfer it into the general fund.  A spending cap?  With Democrats in control?  Never happen.  Rainy day fund, just for tough economic times?  Who and what determines when the time is ripe to raid that fund?  Democrats, who are in control?

And finally, the flier states:  GET ALIFORNIA BACK TO WORK by voting ‘yes’ on 1A thru 1F.  It states “These measures will help get our economy moving and put people back to work.”

In order to see through that charade, you must ask yourself…how does increasing state income taxes put people back to work?  Taking more money out of YOUR pocket means less eating out, less money for discretionary spending, less consumer spending altogether.  How is that suposed to get our economy moving and put people back to work ?  How is doubling the car tax going to put people back to work?  How is increasing the sales tax gonna put people back to work?

1A thru 1F, if passed by the voters, will increase the current pain of this recession.  Yes, I know, we should SHARE THE PAIN.  And I agree that we should share the pain, and I would be more than willing to share the pain if our lawmakers would share the pain equally.  But, unfortunately, they’re not even considering it.

Did you notice in the Sacramento Bee, the massive pay raises legislators have just bestowed up their staffs?  All the while, state workers are being forced to take unpaid furloughs


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  1. Lots of propaganda out there now days. It’s shameful. I don’t live in California. But the problem seems to be nation wide. My head is spinning from all the media spin. Hard for regular folks to figure out what’s what anymore. No wonder such poor decisions are made in the voting booths.

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