On his radio address last month, President Obama said “I’m pleased to announce this morning, the Treasury Department began directing employers to reduce the amount of taxes withheld from paychecks, meaning that by April 1st, a typical family will begin taking home at least $65 more every month.  The aim is to put more money in the pockets of Americans and stimulate the economy by increasing consumer spending.”

Sounds good…but what the Fed giveth, the state taketh away to the tune of 1.8 billion dollars out of the pockets of California taxpayers.  To add insult to injury, voters are being asked to go to the polls next month in a special election and vote to increase the length of time the newly enacted state taxes will remain in effect.  We’re being asked to DOUBLE the length of time we’ll agree to be ripped off.

Being a native Californian, I would ordinarily be inclined to do my part by voting “yes” in order to help the state in its dire fiscal situation.  Ordinarily!  (Because we should all share the pain, right?)  People are losing their jobs, their homes, falling behind on their bills, while elected officials are secretly granting pay raises to their staffs.  Per diem sessions are gaveled to order in our state legislature, which adjourn, and lawmakers go home flush wth their tax-free per diem money in their pockets for having done NOTHING except show up for a few minutes.

Termed out (and defeated) politicians are given plush assignments to boards and commissions along with six-figure salaries;  boards and commissions that meet once or twice a month…sometimes only once a year.  Even the governor pointed out how the state’s Integrated Waste Management Board isn’t necessary, and recommended getting rid of it.  It’s members earn six-figure salaries–and as the Sacramento Bee pointed out, “It’s main purpose seems to be to function as a place for former legislators or gubernatorial staff members to land $132,000 a year jobs.”

A government task force put together a 25 page report recommending the elimination of 12,000 state jobs and hundreds of appointed positions, all deemed FRIVOLOUS, SUPERFOULAS AND UNNECESSARY.  The state would save 32 billiion dollars over five years.  Politicians kept most of the task force recommendations from being implemented.  Meanwhile, some lawmakers hire family members as “consultants”…at hefty salaries and benefits.

So, as of April 1st, Californians are suffering under a full percentage point increase in the sales tax, a .25% increase in state income taxes, a massive decrease in dependent tax credit (slashed from $309, down to $99.)  Translated, that’s costing you $210 per child.  On May 19th, the car tax will more than double…and yet…none of these new taxes was necessary.

There are multi-billions of dollars in obvious government waste that could’ve been slashed from state spending.  Our legislators know it, the governor knows it, the bureaucrats know it.  I personally think it’s time Californians FORCED them to do something about it instead of ripping off the taxpayers.  You can do your part by voting NO on all five ballot measures come May 19th.  At least, the rip-off would only last two years, not four or five.


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