…we wait for the State Supreme Court in California to decide whether Holy Matrimony should be a relic of the past, or uphold the will of the people who’ve voted TWICE to uphold the sanctity of marriage.  It’ll take the high court ninety days to decide if five thousand years of history and tradition should be trashed.

There are those who say gay marriage is a matter of civil rights.  If that’s true, then everybody has a right to demand laws be changed if those laws prohibit certain behaviors; polygamists, child sex predators, etc.  Others say the Constitution should trump 5,000 years of tradition AND the Bible.  After all, doesn’t the Constitution say we all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

The “right to life” has been trumped by the law known as Roe V Wade.  The right to “liberty” has been trumped by laws which send people to jail for breaking the law.  The “pursuit of happiness” is still in effect provided laws aren’t broken in pursuit of such happiness.

The bottom line here is…simply put…the LAW!  Here in California, a law stating “Only marriage between one man and one woman shall be rcognized in this state.”  That was overturned by the high court.  Voters again went to the polls and voted in favor of Proposition 8 which placed the law into our staste Constitution.  It passed.  It’s in there!  It’s the LAW.

California already affords same-sex couples who register as domestic partners all the rights and benefits of marriage.  That means, wed and unwed same-sex couples should not have different experiences when it comes to issues such as hospital visitation rights, filing state income taxes or suing for child support.

So, why the push for marriage?  A church organization has been caught up in a discrimination case brougt by two lesbians who wanted to get “married” in the church’s pavilion.  They were denied.  The two have sued for discrimination.  So, the clash between same-sex unions and religious freedom has arrived.

If the California Supreme Court trumps the will of the people, look for the clash to increase with lawsuits filed against any and all churches who refuse to provide Christian Marriage ceremonies to homosexual couples.  The term “Holy Matrimony” will become a thing of the past.  Churches will simply quit conducting marriage ceremonies altogether.  For now, we simply watch…and wait, to see if the high court is willing to open Pandora’s Box.


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  2. Prop. 8: Some further Thoughts on Equality by Civil Union; Leave Marriage to Religion
    Posted Saturday, November 15, 2008 10:44 PM | By Doug Kmiec

    In an essay published Friday in the San Francisco Chronicle, I proposed that the way to settle the Prop.8 lawsuit was for California to withdraw from the marriage business, substituting civil unions prospectively for gay and straight alike. The commentary has received many favorable comments, but also several people have posed a number of practical difficulties. In an effort to answer them, here are just a couple of additional comments to consider.

  3. We are going to have to be alert to this one, seems there are people that will collect signatures for a ballot issue to strike the word marriage from everyone, we all will have civil unions.
    Our country is upside down.

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