One of the best places in Chico to learn the intricacies of golf was the Sunset Hills Golf course.  Located on Garner Lane getween highway 99 and the Esplanade, the nine-hole 3-par course was the perfect place for the beginner.  That’s where I contracted the disease known as GOLF.

From the driving range to the putting green, Sunset Hills had it all.  Even a little kitchen where a golfer could grab a cold beer after a round, or a coffee roll and coffee depending on the time of day.  Even supplies for a golfer, from gloves to balls to clubs.

Then something happened a few years ago.  The course became dilapidated, overgrown with weeds to the point where all that was left was an unkempt driving range and a mere three holes which nobody wanted to play.  The reason of course, was the probability that Walmart would buy the site to build its new super center.  The course fell into disrepair.  It was so sad.

Sunset Hills became pretty much like a ghost town compared to it’s heyday.  Most beginner golfers eased over to Skypark, those that became good golfers became regulars at Bidwell, and an occasional prodigy, perhaps Tuscan Ridge.

I went to Skypark on Friday and counted eleven golfers waiting to tee off.  So, I went over to what used to be Sunset Hills to get in some swing work on the driving range.  To my surprise, Sunset Hills was like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Watson Dobbs, manager (and golf pro) had spent months breathing new life into the course.  Backbreaking work for one man, dedicated to the sport of golf.

All nine holes had been renewed, the driving range ready for all who need some work on their swing.  The putting green, eager to challenge those who need the challenge.  (Remember the ol’ saying…drive for show, putt for dough?)

Sunset Hills is back in business!!  The greens have yet to fully mature, but for beginners, it’s the best place to learn and practice the sport, from driving, to short irons, to putting.  It’ll probably be another month before the greens have matured, but for those that want to become infected with the sport of golf, Sunset Hills is the place for it to happen.  IT’S BACK!!



The combined chorus of those calling for a Constitutional Convention here in California continues to rise in crescendo.  You see, they feel that our current state Constitution is responsible for this state’s ills. They want to delete it, and start over, rebuilding it from the ground up.  They say too many things standing in the way of progress…(read that Progressives…and read that…Liberals.)

Since Democrats are in total control of our state legislature, I thought it’d be nice if we examined how California’s new State Constitution might look if the democrats succeed in getting the Consttution they want.

First, the Preamble would have to go.  It currently reads “We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this constitution.”

Democrats and other liberals aren’t about to give credit to ANYBODY except themselves…plus there’s that ‘Separation of church and state’ stuff.  So, the new Preamble would read:  “We, the People of the state of California, grateful to Democrats and likeminded liberals, in order to secure THEIR  BLESSING do establish this Constitution.

The current Article in the Constitution which requires a two thirds majority to pass a budget would be history.  In it’s place…I can see it all now…”a simple majority is all that is required for passing a budget, unless Republicans are in control.  In that case, only five Democrat votes are needed, and no Republican votes are allowed.

Results of Proposition 8 (declaring that only marriage between one man and one woman is legal and recognized in California) would have to go.  In its place, we’ll find “Marriage is allowed for any and all without restrictions.  All that’s required is a profession of “love”…be it with a partner (preferably same sex), a sheep, goat, horse, three partners or ten, a park bench, lamp post or a knothole in a wooden fence.”  Gee, I’ve run outta’ space…but you get the idea.

Our current Constitution has done this state well.  It’s not the Constitution that has caused the quagmire in our state.  It’s the occupants of the state legislature.  If anything needs deleted…THAT would be the best place to start.

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I used to wonder why so many gullible people have jumped on the global warming bandwagon.  Then, it dawned on me.  Primarily, it’s because they’re getting half of the story.  If the general pulic is fed doom and gloom that the sky is falling, eventually everyone in the barnyard will be parading to see the king demanding that he stop the falling sky by whatever means necessary.

Where are the news stories, in print and on network TV…covering all the scientists who claim global warming is just hogwash?  The media simply ignores ’em.  As a consequence, only one side is spoon-fed to the general public.  According to the latest Gallup poll, Americans generally believe global warming is real and it’s all caused by mankind.  And why not?  That’s all they’ve heard and read about.

Over 70 scientists were speakers at the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change last week in New York.  You didn’t read or hear about it, did you?  And yet, one of the speakers was retired astronaut Harrison Schmitt, who walked on the moon during the Apollo 17 mission.  He said scientists are being intimidated if they disagree with the idea that humans are causing global warming.  He says he’s seen “too many colleagues lose grant funding when they haven’t gone along with the so-called political consensus that we’re in a human-caused global warming.”

Besides the scientists at the conference, more than 650 scientists worldwide have expressed skepticism, but their skepticism simply doesn’t make a good news story.  Doom and gloom sells.  And as we will all see down the road, it also generates money…lots of it…but not FOR you.  FROM YOU!

The former astronaut said the “global warming scare is being used as a political tool to increase government control over American lives, incomes and decision making.”  The President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus calls manmade global warming “a myth.”  He calls the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change a group with a “one-sided political agenda.”

Ah, but Senator John Kerry made the news over the weekend by warning that “deferring potentially costly actions to combat global warming because of the economic slump amounts to a suicide pact.”  However, Patrick Michaels, research professor of environmental sciences interviewed by NewsMax says “It’s amazing how many BIG-MOUTH global warming alarmists get media attention who were never trained as climatologists.”

As the late Paul Harvey used to say “…and now you knw the est of the story.”  Unfortunately, the general public DOESN’T know the rest of the story.  The mainstream media, politicians, and big-mouth global warming alarmists are seeing to that.


…we wait for the State Supreme Court in California to decide whether Holy Matrimony should be a relic of the past, or uphold the will of the people who’ve voted TWICE to uphold the sanctity of marriage.  It’ll take the high court ninety days to decide if five thousand years of history and tradition should be trashed.

There are those who say gay marriage is a matter of civil rights.  If that’s true, then everybody has a right to demand laws be changed if those laws prohibit certain behaviors; polygamists, child sex predators, etc.  Others say the Constitution should trump 5,000 years of tradition AND the Bible.  After all, doesn’t the Constitution say we all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

The “right to life” has been trumped by the law known as Roe V Wade.  The right to “liberty” has been trumped by laws which send people to jail for breaking the law.  The “pursuit of happiness” is still in effect provided laws aren’t broken in pursuit of such happiness.

The bottom line here is…simply put…the LAW!  Here in California, a law stating “Only marriage between one man and one woman shall be rcognized in this state.”  That was overturned by the high court.  Voters again went to the polls and voted in favor of Proposition 8 which placed the law into our staste Constitution.  It passed.  It’s in there!  It’s the LAW.

California already affords same-sex couples who register as domestic partners all the rights and benefits of marriage.  That means, wed and unwed same-sex couples should not have different experiences when it comes to issues such as hospital visitation rights, filing state income taxes or suing for child support.

So, why the push for marriage?  A church organization has been caught up in a discrimination case brougt by two lesbians who wanted to get “married” in the church’s pavilion.  They were denied.  The two have sued for discrimination.  So, the clash between same-sex unions and religious freedom has arrived.

If the California Supreme Court trumps the will of the people, look for the clash to increase with lawsuits filed against any and all churches who refuse to provide Christian Marriage ceremonies to homosexual couples.  The term “Holy Matrimony” will become a thing of the past.  Churches will simply quit conducting marriage ceremonies altogether.  For now, we simply watch…and wait, to see if the high court is willing to open Pandora’s Box.


In my line of work, I eat out a lot during the day (usually for breakfast, sometimes for lunch) and I frequent the same two haunts. But not anymore!

Sitting at the counter perusing a menu, the bus boy approached the counter to clear it of plates and coffee cups. I looked up and had to do a double-take. The bus boy was wearing a nose ring! I’ve seen relatively attractive women wearing nose rings and often wondered if they realized nose rings are for bulls and hogs. Go to any agri-fair and you’ll see ’em. Bulls and hogs being led around by the ring in their noses.

The attractive women I’ve seen wearing such rings instantly become UNATTRACTIVE. The sight of that bus boy wearing a nose ring instantly caused me to lose my appetite and I departed the restaurant.
I went to the other nearby restaurant that I frequent, and when the waitress came to my table to take my order, she smiled, opened her mouth and uttered the usual “and what can I get for you today?” I replied “Absolutely nothing!” I got up and left. The waitress had a steel ball pinned to the middle of her tongue!

Don’t these people realize that tongue studs and nose rings are unsanitary? It makes one wonder what else they’re deficient in when it comes to personal hygiene. The waitress with the tongue stud also looked as if her hair hadn’t come within two blocks of a comb or a shampoo bottle in weeks. The restaurant wasn’t a mom-and-pop place either. It was a restaurant of a national chain.

I remember a news reporter who worked at the same radio station I did. Very attractive, very bright – until the day she walked in with what appeared to be a whitehead on the side of her nose. I spoke to her about it calmly and suggested she go into the ladies room and squeeze it away because it just looked unsightly. Turns out, it was a little white pearl she had nailed into the side of her nose.
My impression of her being very attractive and very bright evaporated.

Why is it that people think pinning rings to their eyelids and noses makes them look better? Are they so stupid they dont’ realize rings are supposed to go on ear lobes? Now…that looks fashionable. It looks good.

Oh, but ask any one of ’em why they’re so intent on demeaning themselves by placing shrapnel on various parts of their body for all to see, and you get “Oh, I’m making a statement.” So, now I get it. They’re telling the world they’re idiots and have no concept of the real meaning of fashion.

Thetwo restaurants I had been frequented will have to find another customer to fill my seat. I don’t like being waited on by idiots with questionable hygiene habits when it comes to handling (my) food.

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