Back to the Future

It was by an overwhelming margin that voters said they wanted change.

A younger generation went to the polls and challenged the status quo of an older generation; the youngsters came up winners. They elected a man who promised change.

No, this is not a “bash Obama” column. I honestly do wish the man well. After all, I love this country. Always have. Always will. Of course, being a conservative, I’m concerned about the change. Not enough of that younger generation bothered to ask the question “Change from what TO what?”

So far, the man who promised change, has reached back into the past in order to bring about the change. He will be surrounding himself with the movers and shakers from the decade of the nineties to provide the change for the future. He is surrounding himself with a second Clinton administration.

John Podesta, a Clinton chief of staff is the policy guru and head of the transition team. Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle will be named Secretary of Health and Human Services in spite of the fact that he lacks any experience in the public health arena. Eric Holder will be the new Attorney General. He was the “yes man” for former Attorney General Janet Reno.

Gregory Craig, former counsel to Bill Clinton will be Obama’s White House Counsel. Rahm Emanuel, political director under Bill Clinton will be Obama’s Chief of Staff. Hillary Clinton (Bill Clinton’s sometimes wife) will be Secretary of State. Timothy Geithner will be Treasury Secretary. CBS news describes Geithner as a “disciple of Robert Rubin” Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary. Bill Richardson will be the new Commerce Secretary. He was Clinton’s Energy Secretary.

Obama campaigned against what he called the “politics of the past” but his choices to run his administration bring the past into the future. What kinda’ change is that?