Back To The Voting Booth (Again)

THURSDAY 9-25-08…Just a little over a month now, and Californians will be heading to the polls. As is usually the case here in California, voters will find an awful lotta’ crap on the ballot. You may recall all the times we’ve headed to the polls only to find out that a “yes” vote means no, and a “no” vote means yes. I expect that again this year. It seems to accomplish what the pushers shoot for; confusion.

I have a standard philosophy when it comes to ballot propositions. If the proposition includes enacting a fee, I read it as enacting a tax. I do the same with the word “bond.” If it’s a bond measure, it is a tax, because we–the voters–end up paying for bonds that’re issued.

There’s only a couple of propositions that I’m interested in this time. Proposition 8 which would restate that marriage is between one man and one woman. To do otherwise would mean that I’m in favor of overturning five thousand years of this planet’s culture. And if that should happen, just how long do you think it’ll be before three or four men decide they wanna’ get married to each other…..or three or four women….or one man and ten women (because they all love each other.)

The other is Proposition 11, which if passed, would take from the lawmakers their power to draw political boundaries. If passed, the voters will be able to choose the politicians…and that’s the way representative democracy is supposed to work. Right now, it’s not working that way, and you see the mess this state finds itself in.

And by the way, just so you know…the “No on Prop 11” is being spearheaded by a group calling itself “Citizens For Accountability.” It’s slogan is “Stop the Power Grab.” Who formed the group? Democrat politicians who want to hang onto the power they have by drawing the political boundaries. Those politicians want prop 11 defeated so they can keep the current status quo.

Oh it’s gonna’ be so interesting to see what direction California voters want the state to go.


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