Tax Cheats – In Congress!

WEDNESDAY 9-24-08…His name is Charles Rangel. He is a congressman, and chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. His committee writes the tax laws that we all must abide by…..or go to jail if we’re caught failing to abide by Charlie Rangel’s tax laws.

But, apparently, Charlie doesn’t feel those tax laws are meant for HIM. They’re just meant for everybody else. You see, Charlie has been playing fast and loose with those tax laws, ignoring the ones he doesn’t like, which as it turns out, appears to be MOST of ‘em. So now, Charlie is the subject of an ethics committee investigation. Unfortunately, the ethics committee is controlled by Democrats….and Charlie is a Democrat.

For openers, there’s the unreported income, plus unpaid taxes on his beach house in the Dominican Republic. His lawyers and accountants uncovered new discrepancies in the personal financial disclosure documents every lawmaker is required to file.

His papers over the past ten years show no reference to the sale of a home he once owned in Washington D.C. The details of property he bought in Florida shows a value which changes suspiciously from year to year–and even from page to page. The values range from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand, and all the way up to five hundred thousand.

He admits he owes the IRS at least $10,000 in back taxes for unreported income from the rental of his vacation villa, plus other amounts to state and city tax collectors. He admits that he never reported the rental income over a 20 year period, and received a NO-INTEREST mortgage. (I wonder which failed financial institution gave him that. Fannie? Freddie?)

Over this past weekend, Rangel ended up writing a number checks to cover past due taxes on his ’04, ’05, and ’06 returns related to the UNREPORTED rental income. The IRS got checks totaling $4,803, and New York State got $6,022 in back taxes. None of that included late charges or fines.

You try dissing the IRS and state taxes for three years in a row and see if they’ll let YOU off the hook. (Only if you are a democrat congressman, and chairman of the powerful tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.)


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