Mesmerizing The Masses?

TUESDAY 9-23-08…The Summer reruns on TV were in full swing and as boring as watching paint dry. So my wife and I decided to do something different for the evening. We had an old CD containing classic western movies from the late thirties and early forties. So, we popped some corn and settled back for a few laughs at the way things used to be. Bad acting, poor plot lines, with the hero changing horses from one scene to the next.

Of course, nobody was supposed to notice, but when a black and white paint with a white face, being ridden by the hero is suddenly seen on a black and white paint with a black face….it was a curious thing to see. But, back when we were kids, we didn’t see it. We weren’t paying that much attention when we were kids. In fact, we weren’t paying attention to the horses at all.

Then there was the usual gunfights between the good guys and the bad guys, and we never questioned how a six-shooter could fire twenty five shots without reloading. We were just immature kids back then….and only saw what we wanted to see. We never questioned such movies because we were being mesmerized by the action. The theater was full of non-thinking and non-questioning children.

But as adults, we can plainly see all the mistakes, the goofs, flaws…and what was intended to be a serious movie turned out to be one great big comedy of errors. I couldn’t help but compare our experience with what’s happening today on the campaign trail.

Followers of the Obama cult seem like immature kids who only see and hear what they want to see and hear….ignoring all the mistakes, the goofs the flaws, the lies and the fantasy. Only when they grow up and mature, will they be able to see the error of their thought processes. They’ll realize that Obama merely had the ability to mesmerize the idiots among us with his speaking ability, while saying absolutely nothing.

Bottom line: Obama appeals to the non-thinking, and worse…the non-questioning democrat masses.


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