Obama -The Golden Calf

FRIDAY 9-19-08…The cult following of Barack Obama reminds me so much of the Israelites. Moses and his brother Aaron led them out of bondage in Egypt and they sojourned in the wilderness for forty years. They survived on Manna from Heaven during their quest to reach the promised land.

But, somewhere along they way, they tired of the status quo, and wanted change. When Moses went up in the mountains to commune with God (and receive the ten commandments) the restless Israelites began to murmur among themselves. They wanted “change”. They bad-mouthed Moses while he was away, and didn’t take kindly to Aaron either.

Moses and Aaron’s “poll numbers” dipped to rock bottom.

The Israelites decided the best way to bring about “change” was to deny their God and create a new one. So, they crafted with their own hands, a new god to worship. It was a golden calf. And they fell to their knees to worship the inanimate object. They rejoiced, saying this “new god” would bring about the change they wanted. But they never specified what changes they wanted. They just wanted “change”.

Sound familiar? Look at the faces of the throngs that amass to hear the words of Barack Hussein Obama. Words….just words….promising change. But never quite willing to be explicit. Change…..from what TO what? Doesn’t matter! It’s Obama, and those who follow him are willing to follow him anywhere. Even to the gates of hell.


2 Responses

  1. Obama may be the golden gaffe.

  2. mercy! You’re even less tactful than I am.

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