Wolf -In Sheep’s Clothing

THURSDAY 9-18-08…While hosting the talk show KPAY Liveline for nearly two decades, I distinctly remember sharing with the listening audience the words of Islamic terrorists; “We will not rest until the flag of Islam flies over the White House, and all the world bows down to Allah.”

Today, that threat doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it did back then. Today, we have a presidential candidate with a history that is really complicated when compared to presidential candidates of the past.

Barack Hussein Obama is being paraded around as African-American, but his name is Arabic. His Freudian slip during an interview on network TV caught my ear when he said “My Muslim Faith” only to be corrected by the interviewer (George Stephanopoulos) who said “you mean your Christian faith, right?”

Public records in Indonesia list Obama as a Muslim during his early years, while a number of childhood friends have told the media Obama was once a mosque-attending Muslim. Even in his book “Dreams From My Father” Obama acknowledges studying the Quran and describes the public school he attended as a Muslim school. In an interview with the New York Times, Obama describes the Muslim call to prayer as one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.

Author Jack Wheeler, who for years wrote a weekly intelligence update says this of Obama: “He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya. Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he PRETENDS he is exclusively.”

The story of the wolf in sheep’s clothing comes glaringly to mind.

Perhaps terrorist’s claims that they will “not rest until the flag of Islam flies over the White House and the whole world bows down to Allah” wasn’t just empty terrorist rhetoric after all.


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  1. Perhaps Obama is only half Muslim. But, after viewing the now widespread and revealing orations of Reverend Jeremiah Wright Junior, his “Christian” pastor for twenty years, what difference does it make?

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