Throw The Bums Out!

TUESDAY 9-16-08…There are a lot of interesting statistics being bandied about of late. For example, the U.S Congress gets an approval rating of seventeen percent. That’s even lower than President Bush’s approval rating. Seventeen percent! And that’s with Democrats in control. They’ve been in control two years now, and have accomplished absolutely nothing.

And even with the lowest approval ratings EVER, they still act more like dictators rather that “servants of the public.”

California’s state legislature gets even worse. Fifteen percent approval rating. And Democrats are in control there, too.

There’s an election coming up in November and one would think–based on such low approval ratings–voters would flock to the polls to “throw the bums out.” Will it happen? Nope! Most incumbents will be returned to office.

So, members of congress aren’t’ worried about low approval ratings and neither are the democrats who control our state legislature. Most of ‘em will return to their political seats, and it’ll be business as usual.

And who’s to blame? We are! The voters, because we can’t seem to conjure up the guts to vote the bums out. I wonder why that is?

But, here in California, voters do have the opportunity to change things. We can vote “yes” on Proposition 11. That will take the job of drawing political lines OUT of the hands of the politicians and place the job in the hands of a bipartisan commission. That way, the politicians will not be able to choose the voters. Voters will be able to choose the politicians.

There IS hope for a change in “ungovernable” California.


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  1. I do not have a problem with taking the power of gerrymandering the political map out of the hands of politicians. But who (or what) will replace them? I’ll have to take a hard look a Prop 11, I have been remiss and I haven’t done so yet. I have never been impressed by the concept of a “bipartisan commission”. Typically that is code for let Democrats do whatever they damn well please and Republicans will happily take a few crumbs. At least in this state.

    As to the sentiment “throw the bums out” I demure in the case of Wally Herger. I think he is a great guy and excellent representative. With regard to Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer, I have no argument. But fat chance they ever get deposed.

    Jane Dolan built a dynasty (emphasis on nasty) by successfully gerrymandering her own kingdom. Nice little carving job. Was that before or after Bob Mulholland became her “significant other”?

    Every effort to undo what Dolan did has failed. One has to respect that kind of success, no matter how it may make one cringe.

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