Bill Joins Barack

MONDAY 9-15-08…So, Barack Obama has gone to Bill Clinton–with his hat in hand, chin on chest–and begged Bill to campaign for him. My first impulse thought was “What’s in it for Bill?” A cabinet post? Nomination to the US Supreme Court? Dump Biden and take Hillary as his VP running mate?

Bill Clinton doesn’t work for free! So, at this point, the payoff is anybody’s guess. Bill agreed to hop aboard and stump for Obama.

If I were a betting man, my money would be on Obama dumping Joe Biden and taking Hillary on as his running mate…but it would be done in one of two ways. Obama would convince Biden to withdraw voluntarily. Biden would withdraw saying Hillary was more qualified that he, and in the interest of the United States, he was bowing out.

After the election, assuming Obama wins, Joe Biden would be rewarded with a plum position and a cabinet post….most likely Secretary of State. That’s how I see it. Everybody wins! Except the American people, of course.

Then the fun will begin. Bill has a chance to become “First Dude” as Hillary begins her campaign for 2012, by doing everything she can to undercut and minimize a President Obama.” With the economy heading to hell in a hand basket, there’s nothing a President Obama can do to stop it in spite of all the promises he’s made concerning change. He is a political neophyte in an empty suit, and would have a vice president who is cunningly crooked and has had her eye on the White House for most of her life.

There! I’ve said it. Now let’s see how it all plays out.


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