Militant Feminists vs Sarah Palin

WEDNESDAY 9-10-08…Just a little under two months left of political rhetoric, name calling, lies and the politics of personal destruction. One thing really stands out during this campaign…and it’s caused me to be totally CONFUSED.

For years, feminists have been preaching the doctrine that women don’t need a man, careers are more important than “Motherhood” so get outta’ the kitchen and join the workforce, and if you want a kid, forget the man, just grab a turkey baster. And if you change your mind, grab an abortion doctor.

Then along comes Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and her five kids, and a hubby she still considers “my guy.” Her resume shows her to be the perfect feminist. She can do all the things a man can do. She’s even been a sportscaster, just as Ronald Reagan was. In other words, she can bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan!

Militant feminists should be absolutely ecstatic over her selection as a vice presidential nominee, a woman on the brink of breaking the “glass ceiling”, but they’re not! And people like me have to stop and ask themselves …..why? Why aren’t they ecstatic? Why aren’t the militant feminists holding her up as their new “savior”, their icon, their hero and role model? It’s what they’ve always wanted. It’s what they’ve been shooting for, and finally a woman comes along with all the attributes for which they’ve been striving.

So why have the militant feminists embarked on a campaign to destroy Sarah Palin? They say it’s irresponsible for a woman with five kids to run for vice president. (What happened to get outta’ the kitchen and join the workforce?) They’ve attacked her 17 year old daughter for being pregnant without benefit of marriage. (When did the militant feminist suddenly become opposed to pre-marital sex? Oh, I know. When the daughter refused to get an abortion.)

So why do the militants hate her? Because she’s pro-gun, pro tax cuts, pro life, happily married (to a man)….. and a conservative Republican.



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