Obama – Gift From God?

TUESDAY 9-09-08…House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made some wild and outlandish statements so far this year. Maybe it’s because of the pressures of the job, but it really calls her mindset into question. She tried to tell Catholics, in her own way, that their religion was all wrong…that the Pope was all wrong, and that SHE was right.

Perhaps her most blatant and ludicrous statement was when she said “Barack Obama is a blessing from God.” That statement really confused me, because I distinctly remember Obama saying he didn’t believe Jesus Christ was the only pathway to God. Obama claims to be a Christian but most Christians are well aware of the Scripture quoting Jesus as saying “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father (God) but by me.”

Saying Obama is a blessing from God really stretches the extreme’s of credulity when one considers that Obama has promised unlimited abortions on demand. I really don’t think the God of the Holy Bible would send Barack Obama to this Earth to do His bidding. Plainly put, I simply don’t believe God is pro-abortion on demand.

Senator Obama has a perfect record in OPPOSING pro-life legislation. He even fought against a bill which would protect the right to life of a baby born alive.

Obama also made it clear that he is against California’s Proposition 8 which would clarify in the state constitution that marriage is only lawful between one man and one woman. Obama is in favor of same-sex marriage. One of the ten Commandments is simply “Honor thy father and thy mother.” It certainly doesn’t say “Honor both of your fathers and both of your mothers.”

Barack Hussein Obama, according to Nancy Pelosi, is a gift from God? I think someone close to Nancy should whisper in her ear…”Hey Nancy, lay off those funny little cigarettes. The THC content is clouding your brain.”



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