Dare To Compare!

MONDAY 9-08-08…Now that the national conventions are over, I find it really interesting to compare the various planks in each party’s platform. For example, a statement in the Republican platform, which is similar to official planks adopted in 2000 and 2004 reads as follows:

“The all-volunteer force has been a success. We oppose reinstitution of the draft, whether directly or through compulsory national service. We support the advancement of women in the military and their exemption from ground combat units.”

“Military priorities and mission must determine personnel policies. Esprit de corps and cohesion are necessary for military effectiveness and success on the battlefield. To protect our servicemen and women, and ensure that America’s Armed Forces remain the best in the world, we affirm the timelessness of those values, the benefits of traditional military culture, and the incompatibility of homosexuality with military service.”

Now, folks…that’s a great plank, and one that I’m sure the MAJORITY of American can ascribe to. But, taking a look at the Democrat plank, it shows the contempt that party has for this country’s military. It reads as follows: “We support the REPEAL of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” and the implementation of policies to allow qualified men and women to serve OPENLY regardless of sexual orientation.”

Current law, Section 654, Title 10 states that homosexuals are not eligible for military service and it has been upheld as constitutional several times. But Democrats seem to be saying “We don’t need no stinkin’ constitution.”

The President of the Center for Military Readiness, Elaine Donnelly is quick to praise Senator John McCain for choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his presidential running mate, AND the Republican National Platform, which expresses solid support for SOUND PRIORITIES in the making of military personnel policies.

We can only hope AND PRAY that the rest of America feels the very same way.


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