Republican’s Turn For Hoopla!

THURSDAY 9-04-08…Now that the hoopla of the Democrat party’s convention is over, it’s the Republican party’s turn for hoopla. What we heard from the Democrat politicos is that by electing Barack Obama, this country will be a new country, admired and respected by all the other countries in the world. No details on just how this will be accomplished.

This country already supplies more foreign aid around the world than any other country and it hasn’t seemed to have created many new friends. From the democrat podium, we heard that if Obama is elected, he’ll create five million new “green” jobs. No details on just how this will be accomplished.

We heard that democrats will provide “healthcare for all”. No details on how this will be accomplished since MediCare and medicaid is on the verge of going broke. If a person were to believe all the promises emanating from the Denver convention, electing Obama will usher in Utopia. (Kinda reminds me of past promises of two cars in every garage and a chicken in every pot.) Some of you may remember that.

Then there was Bill Clinton’s promise of a middle class tax cut….which never came. Remember his excuse after he was elected? “I’d give you a tax cut but you wouldn’t spend it right.”

Come to think of it….it’s also reminiscent of the promise of forty acres and a mule.

The bottom line here folks is simply this: It’s easy during the emotional outpouring during electioneering to promise anything and everything to everybody. Once elected, however, delivering on all those promises is the hard part.

That’s why astute voters will take it all with a grain of salt…knowing the grain of salt is just about all they’ll get. Then, four years down the road, we get to do it all over again.


3 Responses

  1. I’d still love to know what a green job is.

  2. I think it means starting up a landscaping business, mowing lawns, and putting out the word that you’re hiring bodies….no questions asked. Habla espanole! If anybody else has a suggestion as to what a “green job” is, let us know…because Obama says he’ll create 5 million of ’em. (Pretty neat, huh? A promise to create 5 milion “green jobs” and nobody knows what a green job is.)

  3. Green as in envy? naive? or environmentally friendly?
    I can’t understand it either because English is my Second Language.

    Be vague so no one can nail him for not delivering later if he is elected. Obama thinks we’re all dumb.

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