New Kid In Town

TUESDAY 9-02-08…With the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the election equation has changed! She has been a councilwoman, a mayor, and a governor longer than the junior senator from Illinois has been in office. She’s a member of the NRA and isn’t afraid to take on “big oil”. She’s done that….and won!

According to Financial Times Online, “Sarah Palin made the leap from being a small town mayor to governor of Alaska two years ago by vowing to reform a party that was imbued with corruption and tainted by its cozy ties to the oil industry. Attacks by her Democrat opponent that she lacked the skills to negotiate with oil companies to build a new natural gas pipeline fell flat. Voters connected with her image as a suburban mom who ran marathons and liked to hunt and fish.”

She proved she could play with the big boys, and win! She is all the things that women aspire to, and is braced to smash the so-called “glass ceiling.” Something Hillary was unable to do.

Sarah Palin is also pro life.

That’s what’s gotten the pro abortion crowd upset. You see folks, there are some women out there who’re just plain too lazy to take “the pill”. They’re too lazy to insist that their lovers wear condoms. In other words, when it comes to choice, they seem to be too lazy to make that choice. Therefore, they end up pregnant.

But for them, not to worry. Roe V Wade they feel, gives them a license to kill, so they head to the nearest abortion clinic. Problem solved, all because they’re too lazy to make the proper “choice” before they’re impregnated. If a woman is too lazy to take the pill, too lazy to insist her lover wear a condom, or too lazy to wear one herself, it kinda’ makes ya’ wonder what else they’re skimping on. Hygiene?


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