Politically Expedient!

MONDAY 8-25-08…The members of the Chico City Council really surprised me last week when it came time to vote on a resolution to impeach President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Since the city council is well-known for it’s left wing liberal bent, I figured the vote would turn out to be a slam dunk.

I’ve watched the liberal city councilors of Chico make asses of themselves as far back as 1985 but that’s no surprise since the mascot and logo of democrats is the donkey, otherwise referred to as an “ass.” Makes sense to me.

A handful of likeminded asses gathered in the council chambers at last Tuesday night’s meeting imploring the council to vote in favor of a resolution urging Congress to begin the process of impeachment. To my surprise, the liberal council members showed astuteness and maturity, for once. Oh, don’t get me wrong here…..they DID want to do it…but there’s an election coming up in November…so…

Mayor Andy Holcombe said he supported the idea of impeachment but that he had to weigh his personal beliefs against his responsibility as an elected official. Councilor Tom Nickell said he needed to represent every one of the 86,000 people in Chico and focus on the city’s issues and problems. Of course the two conservative councilors, Larry Wahl and Steve Bartagna made it perfectly clear they didn’t even want to hear the issue since it wasn’t within the council’s jurisdiction anyway.

So the resolution failed on a four to one vote. (Two of the other liberal council members had more pressing business elsewhere.) The vote in support of the resolution came from Councilor Scott Gruendl who sorta’ straddled the fence after the vote by saying it wasn’t a question of whether he supported impeachment or not…..he was just doing what some citizens asked him to do. He says he takes seriously requests for his help.

So, that gives me a great idea. Let’s get a handful of Chico citizens together and come up with a resolution forbidding the city council from ever getting involved in political or foreign affairs. Take the resolution to Gruendl, and ask him for help in putting it on the council agenda for a vote. If passed, it would go a long way in preventing the liberal City Council from ever embarrassing the city of Chico again.


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