5 Million Bucks Flushed Down Toilet

FRIDAY 8-08-08…Alright….we’ve made it to a Friday…..and we always try to keep Friday’s Tidbits positive and uplifting as we head into the weekend. In the search for positive and uplifting Tidbits, I came across one that underscores that ol saying “The best laid plans of mice and men.” Usually, it has to do with liberal-think which DOESN’T think new ideas through to obvious conclusions.

Such is the case for Seattle’s automatic toilets. Seattle is a hotbed of liberals who think they have the answer to everything, only to find out they have answers to nothing. You may recall the attempt to pass a ten-cent-a-cup tax on coffee. The idea was to amass a bunch o’ money which would allegedly — be used to subsidize child day care. It went down to defeat at the polls.

Then, the powers that be decided to spend five million bucks of taxpayer money to buy five automated public toilets. The fancy toilets would be placed in neighborhoods where drug users, transients, prostitutes, and homosexuals congregate. They weren’t “pay to operate” either. They were free of charge. A “gift” to the destitute from the city. It made city officials “feel good”. At least, at first.

Problems began showing up almost immediately. Those who DID use the facilities left so much trash around, the automatic floor scrubbers wouldn’t work. Prostitutes, druggies and homosexuals found immediate use for the privacy behind the locked doors. It got so bad that even the most destitute refused to use the facilities, which became a definite health hazard.

The city council decided the idea wasn’t such a good idea after all. So, now, the question becomes…what to do with the five automated toilets? Answer—sell ‘em on eBay. Each of the toilets cost a million bucks, but the starting bid on eBay? A mere $89,000. Taxpayers can kiss that five million goodbye. They’re probably wishing they could kiss the city council goodbye, too.


2 Responses

  1. Only a liberal would think it a good idea to spend a million dollars on a toilet.

    At first I wondered, what moron would buy one for $89,000? But I had my own answer almost immediately — a clever businessman who has another liberal lined up to sell it to. The market is huge.

  2. Ain’t that the truth, David! (and more on the way, having recently graduated from our institutes of “higher learning.”)

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