Flipper or Flopper for Prez?

MONDAY 8-04-08…It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the two presidential candidates and the promises they make. For example, John McCain told Latino elected officials….and I quote…”overhauling the country’s broken immigration system, not just securing its borders, will be my top priority.” McCain has made it clear from the beginning that he supports a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. But now, appearing on the Hannity show, he’s “seen the light” and doesn’t!

Obama on the other hand, promised to rescind all of President Bush’s tax cuts during the early stages of his campaign when he was fishing for votes among the fringe-kook segment of the Democrat party. Today, though….that’s all changed. He’s only gonna rescind some of ‘em….but increase the taxes on rich people.

McCain promised “no new taxes” when trolling for votes among conservatives. But now, that’s changed. His shift has caught Republicans by surprise. He was being interviewed on the ABC program “This Week” and was responding to a question about payroll tax increases. He replied–and again I quote –“There is nothing that’s off the table. I have my positions, and I’ll articulate them. I don’t want tax increases, but that doesn’t mean that anything is off the table.”

Obama promised that he would not support the Electronic Surveillance Bill. When it came time for the vote, he voted in favor of it.

So, what’s a voter to do, since neither candidate exhibits bold, principled leadership, and both candidates are flip-flopping like two fish outta’ water flopping around on the pier? What do they really believe? What will they really do if elected? Unfortunately, the answers won’t become clear until after one of ‘em is elected.

It’s like buying an unlabeled can of something you’ve been told contains vegetables. You get home….open the can, and find it contains dog food! At least, you can throw that out with the rest of the trash. When it comes to the presidency, it’s not that easy.



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