Walking the Walk? Not!

THURSDAY 7-31-08….Former Vice President Al Gore made a major climate change address at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall in Texas. The event’s press release recommended the public walk, ride bicycles, or take public transportation to the hall for the speech. Gore told those in attendance that the climate change crisis is getting worse much quicker than predicted.

Reporters for the Cybercast News Service were on hand when Gore’s motorcade arrived. Columnist Doug Powers says “Gore showed up for the speech with a carbon nightmare of a motorcade, complete with two Lincoln Town Cars and a Suburban SUV.” CNS news videotaped one Lincoln Town Car containing Gore’s wife and daughter as it sat idling –with the air conditioner running–for over fifteen minutes while Gore was speaking.

Powers asks the question “Would it be too much to ask that Gore at least pretend to believe what he preaches?”

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research released a report in 2007 stating the Gore family burned through more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. Gore says his 10,000 square foot mansion isn’t an average home, and that he and Tipper work from home.

He also says he’s using energy saving technology to reduce his family’s carbon footprint down to zero, but the Tennessee Center for Policy Research report released just last month shows that Gore actually increased his energy usage by ten percent in spite of his claimed steps to make his home more energy efficient.

So, it continues to be the case of “talking the talk”….while failing to “walk the walk.” The general public can walk, bike, or take public transportation….freeze in the winter, scorch in the summer, eat less, spend less, recycle more, while the “elite” ride in their Lincoln Town Cars, fly in their jets, and blame everybody else for global warming. Can you spell HYPOCRITES?


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