Cosby, Obama, Jackson & NAACP

TUESDAY 7-29-08….The date was May 17th, 2004. Comedian Bill Cosby was standing at the podium addressing the NAACP annual convention. Seated behind and to his left was civil rights leader Jesse Jackson. Cosby criticized blacks in sometimes very harsh language while emphasizing the need to take personal responsibility.

Fast forward to July 14th, 2008. Barack Obama was standing at the podium addressing the NAACP convention. Seated inside the Fox News studio watching and listening to Obama’s speech was civil rights leader Jesse Jackson. Obama said “I know some say I’ve been too tough on folks about this taking personal responsibility stuff, but I’m not going to stop talking about it.”

Apparently, Jesse Jackson had enough! Not knowing his microphone was on, he expressed a desire to castrate Obama for “talking down” to black people, even going so far as to use the “N” word. Jackson did apologize, but only after his comments became public. The civil rights leader explained that his anguish of Obama’s comments were because of the high levels of unemployment, home foreclosures and violence in the black community.

Jackson said “we have some real serious issues, not just moral issues which require real investment that faith-based initiatives cannot provide.” He’s right in that regard since the latest statistics show most of the violence in minority communities is black on black. According to Jack Johnson, columnist for Black entertainment TV, the NAACP may already be embracing Jackson’s mindset which will focus on economic and social justice issues rather than personal responsibility.

The first order of business? NAACP leaders say they’ll step up their campaign against flying the Confederate Battle Flag on state grounds in South Carolina.



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