Let’s Pretend

MONDAY 7-28-08….It’s fun to watch Democrats whine and holler about the price of gasoline at the pump since they are the one’s who’ve gone out of their way to make sure we don’t drill for any of our own oil. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows how to solve the price at the pump problem. She says release more oil from our emergency oil reserve.

As House Speaker, she should know those oil reserves are “for emergency purposes only” such as another Arab oil embargo, or a war thrust upon the United States. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for the U.S. to fight a war without oil? Truth is…..it couldn’t! The emergency reserves contain only a two months supply of oil.

Oil has been released from the emergency reserves on only three occasions in my lifetime, and none of those were for the purpose of driving down prices at the pump. But, (and here’s the funny part) Pelosi called on President Bush to release oil from the government’s emergency reserve to “knock down gasoline prices that’re helping push the economy toward recession.”

So, she obviously knows that high gasoline prices are hurting and are helping push the economy toward recession. So, what are the democrats doing to help solve the problem? They have come up with a plan. They’ve introduced a bill to solve the problem, by offering alternatives to driving.

The bill has the fancy title “Transportation and Housing Options for Gas Price Relief Act of 2008.

The bill would expand public transportation, encourage “pay as you drive” auto insurance policies that reward low-mileage drivers, reduce commuting costs by providing incentives to employers and employees to take transit, bicycle, carpool, or walk to work. The bill would (allegedly) help local governments create walkable, bikeable, communities.

The bill does absolutely nothing to increase our domestic oil supply, but it does give the democrats the opportunity to pretend that they really care about the pain at the pump and are pretending to do something about it.



2 Responses

  1. So Mr. Obama favors releasing 10% of our Strategic Oil Reserve to gain a few votes, while placing the entire Nation in weakened position to react to an emergency situation. That should tell you something about how prepared he is with the knowledge and experience of how to defend this country in case of an emergency, lower our defenses! What does he plan to replace the reserve with, more air in your tires? Must be as he does not want more oil production. Think about that, am I wrong?

  2. No, you are NOT wrong. It shows you just how UNPREPARED to be president of the United States that he really is. It’s scarey. The oil reserves are held for emergencies only…..primarily….war. Without the oil reserves, this country woud be held hostage by the Muslim world —and they know it.

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