Holy Matrimony?

WEDNESDAY 7-23-08…Our state Supreme Court says….yes, California’s voters can go back to the ballot box in November and vote for Proposition Eight. That’s the proposition that’ll define very clearly in our Constitution that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California” and if passed, will nullify the 4 to 3 ruling that ripped tradition, history, and proposition 22 asunder.

So far, 27 states have passed such an amendment to their constitutions. The latest Los Angeles times poll reports that a majority of Californians still support such an amendment. Admittedly, some other polls say otherwise. Supporters of same-sex marriage tried to get the proposition removed from November’s ballot by saying voters have no right to vote on it. In it’s latest ruling, the high court says “Oh yes they do.”

A recent op-ed piece in the Chico News and Review states in part “For more than 125 years, the California Constitution and the Family Code (known then as the Civil Code) said nothing about preventing same-sex marriage.”

True…and the reason for that is quite simple; for more than 125 years, nobody in their right mind could envision two men standing at the altar exchanging rings and kissing. Why do you think marriage is referred to as “Holy Matrimony.”

Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel says “If the people have an opportunity to participate in the democratic process, they will vote for marriage as one man and one woman. Those who push for same-sex marriage are willing to destroy both marriage and democracy to achieve a selfish result. Marriage between a man and a woman is best for our children and for our country.”

Proposition 8, the California Marriage Amendment will allow the people of California, not politicians or judges, to reaffirm the definition of marriage by placing it in the Constitution. It’s too bad it has come to this, but sometimes, people have to stand up and say “enough of this nonsense.” Voters in 27 states have done so already. In November, it’ll be California’s turn.



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  1. Calling marriage, moreover same sex marriage “a right” demonstrates a lack of understanding of what a constitutional right is and devalues the special status of the unalienable rights outlined and protected by the constitution.

    It also devalues the social institution of marriage.

    If gay marriage is a “right” then so is interspecies marriage, multiple partner marriage, and marriage to inanimate objects.

    If people can find or build a church to marry them to same sex, different species, multiple partners, or inanimate objects, fine. Demanding state sanction is another issue altogether. IMHO, the state should not be in the business of sanctioning (and by default) encouraging such unions.

    Some day one or more of the above mentioned unions will be determined to be a right and given the same status as the right of free speech.

    The unalienable rights will become meaningless victims of the “living document” crowd of thoughtless destroyers. They will be will be bought and sold at the whim of unscrupulous lawyers and politicians.

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