Where’d The Money Go?

TUESDAY 7-22-08…We’re fast approaching August, and that’s when the state will run out of money. The annual budget dog-and-pony show is underway. What’s the hold up? Same as it’s always been. Democrats wanna raise taxes, Republicans say “no new taxes.” Democrats say “we can’t cut anymore.” Republicans say “oh yes you can.”

When one starts looking at the numbers under a microscope, it shows that the Republicans are right. For example, just since Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor, California’s revenues have grown by 25 percent, but spending has grown even faster.

So, where did all that money go? Sacramento Bee columnist Daniel Weintraub says most went to education, some went to health and welfare programs, some went to prisons and a good sized chunk to transportation. I’ve driven this state’s highways and byways, and I’m still convinced California has the worst roads of any state. So where did that “good sized chunk” of transportation money go?

What about all that extra money that went to education? News reports now say a new high school dropout report shows significantly higher rates of students leaving public school in California than reported in recent years. Other reports say colleges and universities are having to offer remedial courses because high school graduates aren’t prepared. If most of the money went for education, what have we gained?

Now, democrats want to increase education spending even more…to the tune of 2.8 billion over and above what Schwarzenegger proposed in his May revise. Democrats have to do that in order to stay in good with the powerful teachers unions.

So the stalemate continues…again. Democrats want to raise more taxes (in a shaky economy) so they’ll have more of your money to spend. Republicans say “we’re taxed enough” and the excessive spending has to end. After all, that’s what families are having to do in this age of high gasoline prices, and high inflation. Families are having to cut the frills from their budgets and it hurts.

Our elected officials should do the same…and yes, it’ll hurt. But it’s the only way to fix the problem once and for all.


5 Responses

  1. Bruce, you write like the republicans are the saviors when it comes to spending money and cutting taxes. You might want to reconsider your thinking.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than one or two members of the legislature (state or National) that worked hard to reduce spending or for that matter, cut taxes.

    Of course, the media doesn’t help either. Should there be a bill to raise taxes 15% and it gets cut down to only 10%, the media trumpet it as 5% CUT in taxes. Some time it appears the media is in cahoots with the legislature.

    Until you can elect good people that care more about their state or their country, than they do about their political party, you won’t get anything changed.

    That said, maybe we should quit identifying them as either party and just identify them as legislators. That way we would not be responsible for furthering the feud between them and maybe they would come to their senses. Nah, that probably wouldn’t work either. I don’t think you and I have enough years left on this earth to see political change. There will always be more spending and there will always be more taxes, after all, it’s not THEIR money!

    Keep the blog going, I do so enjoy it.

  2. Yes, we will see political change come November, but from that point on, God help us! The change coming in November will be brought about by those that’ve been conned into believing Obama to be the “savior”. The sad part of it is, once he is ensconsed in the oval office. he’ll have at least four years in which to totally destroy the United States of America. Why is it that some of us can see that, while others are having an orgasm anytime that guy speaks?

  3. All this is moot, but I believe that if Davis had never been recalled this state would have got the thorough and bloody beating it so richly deserves from the Democratic Party a decade ago. That would have given the California Republican Party a real chance to figure out who they are (instead of just being the Democrat-lite party) and McClintock may have become governor.

    What we got was a silly, global warming addled RINO who has little success except when sucking up to the evil opposition.

    I still stand by my prediction that Obama will be the next president. If anyone thinks things are bad now, just wait until Obama is the head of the executive and Democrats control the legislature.

    There is one possible “bright” side to the economic, military, foreign policy, and terror disasters to come. The Republican Party at the national level may actually figure out just what the heck it stands for and may even be able to purge itself of some of the eastern liberal, beltway corruption that has plagued it for eight years.

  4. We can only hope, David.

  5. Cost of eduction would certainly be reduced if textbooks weren’t constantly being revised by ‘special interest groups’. Another suggestion would be to regain stricter authority over disrespective and disruptive students. With no respect for authority, rebellious students waste education money interupting wherever they can

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