To Drill –Or Not!

MONDAY 7-21-08…The drumbeat to drill for our own oil is rising, and so is the opposition from democrats. They are so beholden to the environmental wackos that they can’t publicly come out say let’s “gitterdone.” They seem to have forgotten the Arab oil embargo of the early seventies. That’s when the Arabs closed off the spigot and stopped mideast oil from reaching the USA.

Democrats seem to have forgotten the long lines at gas stations around this nation, and rationing the amount of gas each car could pump. We were at the mercy of middle east oil producers. Just think, folks, if the administration at that time had said “enough is enough…we will no longer allow ourselves to be blackmailed by oil producing states. We shall become an oil producing country.”

If we had made the commitment back then, we’d be self-sufficient today. Ten years ago, if the first Bush administration and the Clinton administration hadn’t put oil drilling off limits in this country, and allowed the ingenuity of Americans to flourish, we’d be self sufficient today.

But what are we hearing from the democrats? “It would take ten years before a single drop of gasoline from our oil reaches the pumps.”

 Okay, so now, if we were to begin the process of drilling for our own oil, we’d be self sufficient ten years from now. What will we say in ten years? “Golly, if we’d just seen the handwriting on the wall back in 2008, and started drilling and building refineries, we’d be self sufficient today.”

The big question is…have we learned anything from history?


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