Tsk Tsk. Touchy Aren’t We?

FRIDAY 7-18-08…We seem to be getting a little touchy lately. The editor of a women’s magazine approached a construction zone in Atlanta, Georgia, and saw the sign “Men Working Ahead.” She was “offended”. When she reached her destination, she demanded officials of the city remove the signs.

The Atlanta Public Works Chief agreed, and began the process of replacing all “Men working” signs with new ones. The new signs will read “Workers Ahead.” Taxpayers will pick up the tab for covering over the old signs, and buying new signs. Other cities had better gear up, because Cynthia Good, editor of the women’s mag says she’s not stopping with just Atlanta.

In an interview with the media, she says “we’re calling on the rest of the nation to follow suit and make a statement that we will not accept these subtle forms of discrimination.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, Texas, county commissioners were discussing some problems with the central collections office which processes traffic ticket payments. One commissioner said “it seems central collections has become a black hole because paperwork has become lost in that office.” Another commissioner, who is black became “offended” and said the office has become a “white hole.” A judge, who is black, demanded the commissioner who used the term “black hole” apologize for his “racially insensitive analogy.”

During the skirmish, it was also concluded that Angel food Cake, and Devil’s Food Cake” are also “racially insensitive.” I wonder how long it’ll be before those products are removed from the shelves —at least, in Dallas.



5 Responses

  1. You miss-spelled “tetched”.


  2. I was trying to be polite. I, too, felt those involved were somewhat “tetched” in the head. But, in this day and age, one must be careful not to “offend”.

  3. Hey, San Francisco better get ready to change the name- along with their proposed George W. Bush Sewer Treatment Plant name change- from FisherMAN’s Wharf to FisherPERSON’s Wharf! Not to mention all the utility access MANhole covers in the streets! And you better not MANhandle anybody either! What happens to all those government MANdates now too? Etc., etc., etc…..

  4. The city that brags about b eing non-discriminatory is certainly discriminating against females, aren’t they? Maybe its because they can no longer diferentiate between males and females. That’s Frisco for ya’!

  5. That would be “Fishperchild’s Wharf” if you don’t mind.

    If Angela Sabella is dead (I genuinely hope not but since I am more than 3-score and 9, I fear she must be), she must be spinning in her grave.

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