30 More Years To Wait

THURSDAY 7-17-08…The G8 meeting in Japan is now history, but it ended with leaders calling for an increase in oil production and refining capacity in order to curb soaring gasoline prices. There’s plenty of oil on the market and in the ground. A bottleneck comes in the form of the lack of refineries.

I mentioned in Tidbits dated June 12th how voters in Union County South Dakota voted overwhelmingly to allow construction of a new refinery which would be the first refinery built in this country in the past thirty years. Champagne corks were popping…the voters were happy. Well….most of ‘em anyway.

As might be expected, the environmental wackos weren’t happy about their defeat. They tried hard to defeat the proposal. Even in defeat, they were determined to scuttle the project. The leader of the anti-refinery bunch said “We have strategies in place to slow or delay all the permit processes.”

Another environmental group just last week filed a lawsuit to stop the expansion of a British Petroleum oil refinery in Indiana. The natural Resources Defense Council is challenging the permits granted to the refinery by the state. In its press release, the NRDC says “it’s part of our ongoing fight against excessive pollution in northwest Indiana.”

The group’s “ongoing fight” also filed a challenge recently that sent ConocoPhillips’ permits for the Wood River Refinery in Illinois back to the drawing board.

So, while Americans are watching gasoline prices climb ever higher, with some experts saying it’ll reach $5 a gallon soon, and even as high as $7.50…the environmental wackos are trying to make certain it’ll be ANOTHER thirty years before anymore refineries are built. They say “its’ good for America.” What do you think?


2 Responses

  1. The lunatics are now running the asylum! There’s a new Ruling Class in America: the fanatics and the insane. We need a break from all these poor misguided fools before they completely destroy our once great and proud country. Amen.

  2. Environmentalism is a mental disorder. Employment is the cure.

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