Trouble In Obama’s Camp

TUESDAY 7-15-08…There’s an old political philosophy that goes “Campaign in the primaries to solidify your base. Once selected as your party’s nominee, shift to the center for the general election.” Both Barack Obama and John McCain are doing just that. It’s causing some serious problems for Obama and McCain.

Obama’s base is the ultra-leftwing fringe-kooks of the democrat party. During the democrat primary, he promised them everything they wanted to hear. They haven’t forgotten those promises. Now, Obama is changing his tune, hoping to fool independents and conservatives and lure them onto his bandwagon.

During the primary, Obama pledged to oppose any legislation that would immunize telecommunications companies against lawsuits filed by left-wing nuts upset over the government’s wiretaps of suspected terrorists. It was a great “applause” line, and the liberals loved it. Today, Obama says he backed the bill.

Among his staunchest backers, Obama was called the “pro abortion” candidate. He strongly criticized the Supreme Court decision upholding the partial birth abortion ban. Remember when he said that he “would not want his daughters to be punished with a baby because of a crisis pregnancy.”

That was then…this is now. He says women should not have abortions simply because they “feel blue” and that given the choice, having a baby is a more MORAL choice than abortion. That lighted the fuse of feminists. who penned an article published on

The bottom line of the piece? “Telling women that the democrats commitment to abortion rights is what should drive their vote, while simultaneously suggesting that given the choice, having a baby is a more moral choice than abortion, will be understood for what it is: condescending and sexist.” Obama says he’s just being ‘pragmatic.” I say he just being DISHONEST!

Lee Iacocca, former CEO of Chrysler says “I feel we need to put a leader in the White House. Not just a soundbite with a good haircut.”



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