Only One Way Out

MONDAY 7-14-08…I arrived in Butte County in March of 1984 from Las Vegas, and settled in as news director of, then, KRIJ in Paradise. I bought a home in Magalia. One of the first things I heard from residents was the concern about evacuation routes in the event of a fire. Seems the only way out for Magalia residents was down the Skyway, across the dam and into Paradise.

 The concern was the bottleneck across the dam. With so many trying to evacuate, what would happen if there was a wreck on the dam, an overturned car, a car outta’ gas. The only way out would be a clogged mess. And what if a massive wildfire threatened Paradise at the same time it threatened Magalia and on up into Sterling City?

The only solution in order to save lives….perhaps hundreds….maybe thousands….would be an alternate route out of the foothills. During my four years at KRIJ, I interviewed supervisors and other politicians, and even candidates running office. I always asked the question “what’s being done about an alternate route?” To the candidates running for office, the question was “What do you plan to do about an alternate route?”

 Even during my three year tenure as news director at KNVR, I never let up on the question….nor as my ten years as talk show host on KPAY. Twenty three years have now passed since I first posed the question to democrats, Republicans, Libertarians. All promised to ‘look at the problem.” They’ve been looking for the past twenty three years, and have accomplished nothing!

This, from a country that only took ten years to accomplish putting a man on the moon and return him safely to earth. Twenty three years, and there is still only one way out.

 What’ll it take to get the populace –and politicians–to get it done? Probably the same way it takes to get a traffic light installed. Lots of dead bodies! The Humbolt and Lightning Complex fires should be the catalyst which starts the process for getting it done.

Will it? NO! There were only two deaths. This time!




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  1. Do you think this past month’s fires have ‘lit a fire’ under the powers that can build escape route? Perhaps the same dozers that built firebreaks could come back and clear the way to new route.

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