Jesse Helms: One Of A Kind

WEDNESDAY 7-09-08…The Reverend Billy Graham said of the late Senator Jesse Helms “He was a man of consistent conviction to conservative ideals and courage to faithfully serve God and country based on principle, not popularity or politics.”

 It’s hard to find such men in politics anymore. It seems once a person is elected, he or she immediately begins campaigning (legally or illegally) to amass as much money as possible to run for reelection. One paragraph from the Associated Press sorta’ makes the point.

It reads: “Oil companies once viewed drilling the deep waters off Florida as cost prohibitive. Politicians feared even the slightest sign of support would be career suicide.” It seems nowadays, unlike Jesse Helms, politicians cast votes more to protect their careers than to protect the country.

But Jesse Helms was cut from a different cloth. He supported prayer in public schools, our free enterprise system, was a staunch supporter of a strong military, a balanced budget — and perhaps most important, decency, and honor, along with spiritual and moral cleanliness in America.

For those attributes, he was defined by the left as “mean-spirited” and “divisive.” But the voters knew better, and reelected Helms to the senate four times! That didn’t happen because he voted to protect his career…it happened because he voted for what he knew was right regardless of how it might affect his career.

Its too bad the Republican Party doesn’t have more politicians in it’s ranks that’re cut from the same cloth as Jesse Helms, known affectionately as Senator “NO!” May he rest in peace.




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