Immigrant – Or Illegal Immigrant?

TUESDAY 7-08-08…The front page of last week’s issue of the Chico News and Review has it all wrong, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the writer intended for it to be wrong. You see, the cover page has the big letters “…AND STAY OUT!”. Underneath that…”Immigrants don’t expect to find a welcome mat; but…abuse and hatred?”

Then, I saw who wrote the piece; Jamie O’Neill, who also writes left-wing liberal drivel for the Paradise Post. As usual, O’Neill has it wrong.

You see folks, America is a land of immigrants, a great melting pot, and we welcome immigrants, as shown over this past weekend when so many newcomers were sworn in as U.S. citizens. Americans have taken kindly to those who’ve arrive on our shores legally, and in accordance with this nation’s laws.

But, Americans DON’T take kindly to those who thumb their noses at our laws and play the game of “catch me if you can.”

O’Neill made sure in his article that the word “immigrant” was never preceded by the word “illegal”. That’s where the gist of the whole problem lies. When one conveniently leaves out the word illegal, and simply blames America for hating immigrants, I would submit to you that the article is definitely slanted.

Ah, but then again, that’s O’Neill.




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