How About 1st Amendment Rights?

TUESDAY 7-01-08…The US Supreme Court has laid to rest any question about the Second Amendment regarding a person’s right to keep and bear arms. The Constitution says what it means and means what it says. And it says “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Case closed. Now, it’s time for the high court to take a closer look at First Amendment Rights…the right of free exercise of religion, and Freedom of Speech.

Just what is the definition of freedom of speech? It’s the liberty to express opinions and ideas without hindrance, and especially, without fear of punishment. The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights reads: congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech.

Perfectly self-explanatory I would think. But, look where we are today. In Colorado, SB200 was passed and signed into law. What does the new law do? It allows men to go into ladies restrooms and locker facilities. During the debate and prior to the bill being signed into law, World Net Daily reported that the law was being promoted as an “anti-discrimination” plan favoring alternative sexual lifestyles and gender perceptions. Now signed into law, it is a criminal offense to discriminate against someone based on those lifestyles or perceptions.

One Colorado resident writing in an anonymous letter to the editor (withholding his name for fear of recrimination) wrote “Now, as I stand outside of a movie theater bathroom or a swimming pool shower room door, and guard the most precious thing in my life…my wife and daughter’s safety, modesty and privacy, I can no longer stop a man from entering a woman’s domain. I contacted my attorney who told me that I would have to be careful not to express my convictions in public, because you give up some of your rights when you go into the public square.

Whoa! A person gives up free speech rights when they go into the public square? Strange. I can’t find that anywhere in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. More on this in tomorrow’s report.



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  1. I watched some Sunday talk shows on that covered this ruling. Fox News Sunday and the PBS shows Inside Washington and The McLaughlin group.

    My conclusion — the left wing eastern elitists are absolutely beside themselves and Obama is proving himself to be a very articulate and talented liar.

    At least these left wing pundits can console themselves. The Supreme Court does not think that child rape is so heinous a crime as to warrant the death penalty. You know, current standards being what they are.

    The intent of the Supreme Court seems clear (whether intended or not) — get a gun, use it to protect your children, do not expect the court system to do it for you.

    By the way, Charles Krauthammer on Inside Washington is proof that any single bright conservative is worth any three (or four if you include host Gordon Peterson) left wing PBS/NPR types. I am truly surprised they bother to have him, even as a token punching bag. I suppose Krauthammer lends the program the badly needed legitimacy it would lack without him.

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