Walking the Walk? Not!

THURSDAY 7-31-08….Former Vice President Al Gore made a major climate change address at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall in Texas. The event’s press release recommended the public walk, ride bicycles, or take public transportation to the hall for the speech. Gore told those in attendance that the climate change crisis is getting worse much quicker than predicted.

Reporters for the Cybercast News Service were on hand when Gore’s motorcade arrived. Columnist Doug Powers says “Gore showed up for the speech with a carbon nightmare of a motorcade, complete with two Lincoln Town Cars and a Suburban SUV.” CNS news videotaped one Lincoln Town Car containing Gore’s wife and daughter as it sat idling –with the air conditioner running–for over fifteen minutes while Gore was speaking.

Powers asks the question “Would it be too much to ask that Gore at least pretend to believe what he preaches?”

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research released a report in 2007 stating the Gore family burned through more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. Gore says his 10,000 square foot mansion isn’t an average home, and that he and Tipper work from home.

He also says he’s using energy saving technology to reduce his family’s carbon footprint down to zero, but the Tennessee Center for Policy Research report released just last month shows that Gore actually increased his energy usage by ten percent in spite of his claimed steps to make his home more energy efficient.

So, it continues to be the case of “talking the talk”….while failing to “walk the walk.” The general public can walk, bike, or take public transportation….freeze in the winter, scorch in the summer, eat less, spend less, recycle more, while the “elite” ride in their Lincoln Town Cars, fly in their jets, and blame everybody else for global warming. Can you spell HYPOCRITES?


Sex and the Cit…uh…Beach

WEDNESDAY 7-30-08…The Cape Cod Times and the Boston Herald are reporting on a trend that really gotten outta’ hand lately. Sex on public beaches. Cape Cod National Seashore officials say they’re starting to crack down on public sex acts along that picturesque shoreline after the number of citations for public sex acts has more than tripled from an average of 40 to 132 last year.

It seems the beach in Provincetown has been declared the favorite for homosexuals, and according to George Price, superintendent of the National Seashore, ” it’s certainly not what we’re interested in seeing.” He says “Over the last couple of years, public sex acts like this have been viewed by visitors and they are quick to complain.”

He says officials are baffled as to why the vacation mecca has suddenly become a hotbed of public sex for exhibitionists. Complaints have included whale-watchers sailing past large groups of nude men, and families stumbling on people engaged in sex acts on the pristine national shore that attracts tens of thousands of vacationers from throughout the world every year.

The Cape Cod Times reports that a New Jersey family walking in the dunes, encountered couples and a large group of men having sex in the nude, including oral and anal sex right out in the open. According to Price, such scenes send vacationing families and tourists packing.

I suppose there are those who would consider the fleeing tourists, bigots or homophobes. I am neither…but it’s certainly not a scene that I’d want my family, my children, to come across. Would you?


Cosby, Obama, Jackson & NAACP

TUESDAY 7-29-08….The date was May 17th, 2004. Comedian Bill Cosby was standing at the podium addressing the NAACP annual convention. Seated behind and to his left was civil rights leader Jesse Jackson. Cosby criticized blacks in sometimes very harsh language while emphasizing the need to take personal responsibility.

Fast forward to July 14th, 2008. Barack Obama was standing at the podium addressing the NAACP convention. Seated inside the Fox News studio watching and listening to Obama’s speech was civil rights leader Jesse Jackson. Obama said “I know some say I’ve been too tough on folks about this taking personal responsibility stuff, but I’m not going to stop talking about it.”

Apparently, Jesse Jackson had enough! Not knowing his microphone was on, he expressed a desire to castrate Obama for “talking down” to black people, even going so far as to use the “N” word. Jackson did apologize, but only after his comments became public. The civil rights leader explained that his anguish of Obama’s comments were because of the high levels of unemployment, home foreclosures and violence in the black community.

Jackson said “we have some real serious issues, not just moral issues which require real investment that faith-based initiatives cannot provide.” He’s right in that regard since the latest statistics show most of the violence in minority communities is black on black. According to Jack Johnson, columnist for Black entertainment TV, the NAACP may already be embracing Jackson’s mindset which will focus on economic and social justice issues rather than personal responsibility.

The first order of business? NAACP leaders say they’ll step up their campaign against flying the Confederate Battle Flag on state grounds in South Carolina.


Let’s Pretend

MONDAY 7-28-08….It’s fun to watch Democrats whine and holler about the price of gasoline at the pump since they are the one’s who’ve gone out of their way to make sure we don’t drill for any of our own oil. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows how to solve the price at the pump problem. She says release more oil from our emergency oil reserve.

As House Speaker, she should know those oil reserves are “for emergency purposes only” such as another Arab oil embargo, or a war thrust upon the United States. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for the U.S. to fight a war without oil? Truth is…..it couldn’t! The emergency reserves contain only a two months supply of oil.

Oil has been released from the emergency reserves on only three occasions in my lifetime, and none of those were for the purpose of driving down prices at the pump. But, (and here’s the funny part) Pelosi called on President Bush to release oil from the government’s emergency reserve to “knock down gasoline prices that’re helping push the economy toward recession.”

So, she obviously knows that high gasoline prices are hurting and are helping push the economy toward recession. So, what are the democrats doing to help solve the problem? They have come up with a plan. They’ve introduced a bill to solve the problem, by offering alternatives to driving.

The bill has the fancy title “Transportation and Housing Options for Gas Price Relief Act of 2008.

The bill would expand public transportation, encourage “pay as you drive” auto insurance policies that reward low-mileage drivers, reduce commuting costs by providing incentives to employers and employees to take transit, bicycle, carpool, or walk to work. The bill would (allegedly) help local governments create walkable, bikeable, communities.

The bill does absolutely nothing to increase our domestic oil supply, but it does give the democrats the opportunity to pretend that they really care about the pain at the pump and are pretending to do something about it.


The Nanny State

FRIDAY 7-25-08…Oh goody…..we’ve made it to a Friday amid a mixture of good news and bad. So, let’s take a breather and get away from the usual controversies such as “to drill or not to drill”…homosexual marriage, and Bible bans.

I was surfing the internet and came across Wall Street Journal Online and a piece written by Drew Carey, the new host of “The Price Is Right.” I simply must share it with you. It doesn’t mention our democrat-controlled state legislature, but I could tell…it was on his mind.

He writes “Nothing’s too silly to be banned. Guess what can happen if you sell bacon-wrapped hot dogs (in Los Angeles) without expensive government-approved equipment?”

“But is New York City the new California? Let’s see, smoking ban? Check. Trans-fat ban? Check. Bans on aluminum bats? Check. Bans on straddling a bike while wearing inline skates or drinking coffee on a subway. Check, check, and check.”

“Politicians just don’t know when to say when. Outdoor grilling is banned in some places – and would you believe some cities have tried to ban fast food restaurants from opening? When did so many of us turn into ban-happy busybodies? Imagine if we outlawed everything that offends someone. Would you want to live in that country?”

Drew Carey has it right, and the answer is “no, we wouldn’t want to live in that country.” Unfortunately, we seem to be headed in that direction.

It was State Senator Tom McClintock (then an Assemblyman) who stood at the rostrum and scolded legislators by saying “You’ve become the nanny police. Pretty soon, you’ll be telling everyone when to put on their jimmies and go to bed.”

I’ve been a fan of McClintock ever since. It’s too bad California doesn’t have a whole lot more McClintocks in office. If we did, perhaps California wouldn’t have become the laughing stock for the rest of the country.


Under God -Or Gone Under?

THURSDAY 7-24-08… I never thought I’d live to see the day that a church’s moral teachings are said to be “hateful” “defamatory” “insensitive” and “ignorant”. Wow! That must be SOME church! Turns out, it’s not just one church, but ALL churches within that religion. And what religion is that? The Catholic Church.

Yep, that’s right. A San Francisco city and county board resolution has officially labeled Catholicism hateful, defamatory, insensitive and ignorant. It is resolution 168-08 also accuses the Vatican of being a “foreign country” meddling with and attempting to negatively influence San Francisco’s existing and established customs.

Fortunately, a Resolution has no force in law, but the Catholic Church isn’t takin’ it lying down. The Resolution has been challenged in court for violating the Constitution’s prohibition of government hostility toward religion.

Meanwhile, World Net Daily reports that the states of Colorado and Michigan are tackling the question of whether the Bible itself can be vilified as “hate speech” for it’s condemnation of homosexuality. Another dispute in Missouri where a district judge’s ruling could be used to allow distribution of the Islamic Quran, but specifically censors the Bible.

Don’t you find it rather odd, that a nation born FOR religious tolerance, no longer tolerates religion? Hmmm? The tolerance that’s taught in our schools and throughout our society has opened the doors to all kinds of things that’ll destroy us as a nation, and it’s certainly not the tolerance taught by our forefathers.

It was Ronald Reagan who said “When we are no longer a nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.”


Holy Matrimony?

WEDNESDAY 7-23-08…Our state Supreme Court says….yes, California’s voters can go back to the ballot box in November and vote for Proposition Eight. That’s the proposition that’ll define very clearly in our Constitution that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California” and if passed, will nullify the 4 to 3 ruling that ripped tradition, history, and proposition 22 asunder.

So far, 27 states have passed such an amendment to their constitutions. The latest Los Angeles times poll reports that a majority of Californians still support such an amendment. Admittedly, some other polls say otherwise. Supporters of same-sex marriage tried to get the proposition removed from November’s ballot by saying voters have no right to vote on it. In it’s latest ruling, the high court says “Oh yes they do.”

A recent op-ed piece in the Chico News and Review states in part “For more than 125 years, the California Constitution and the Family Code (known then as the Civil Code) said nothing about preventing same-sex marriage.”

True…and the reason for that is quite simple; for more than 125 years, nobody in their right mind could envision two men standing at the altar exchanging rings and kissing. Why do you think marriage is referred to as “Holy Matrimony.”

Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel says “If the people have an opportunity to participate in the democratic process, they will vote for marriage as one man and one woman. Those who push for same-sex marriage are willing to destroy both marriage and democracy to achieve a selfish result. Marriage between a man and a woman is best for our children and for our country.”

Proposition 8, the California Marriage Amendment will allow the people of California, not politicians or judges, to reaffirm the definition of marriage by placing it in the Constitution. It’s too bad it has come to this, but sometimes, people have to stand up and say “enough of this nonsense.” Voters in 27 states have done so already. In November, it’ll be California’s turn.