One Tough Sheriff

THURSDAY 6-26-08…The name Joe Arpaio is synonymous with the toughest sheriff in America. That’s because he IS, the toughest sheriff in America. You may have heard the name associated with his tent city, pink panties for prisoners and bologna sandwiches, chain gangs, no smoking, no air conditioning in those US Army surplus tents.

You may think his techniques constitute “cruel and unusual” punishment….but when he hears those comments from his prisoners, he just replies “then don’t come back.” When they complain about the lack of air conditioning during the hot Arizona summers, he points to American GI’s in tents in Iraq. He asks his prisoners, “you think you’re better than they are? You’re not. You’re here. They’re there.

 Sheriff Joe has a new book out titled “Joe’s Law: America’s Toughest Sheriff Takes on Illegal Immigration, Drugs and Everything Else that Threatens America.” It certainly should be a “must read” for other sheriffs. Arpaio was interviewed by the folks at and was asked what he’d do if it were up to him to secure the border from illegals.

He said “I would erect tent jails right on the border, and courts –convict and jail ’em for six months. You can’t work and send money back to your loved ones if you’re in jail. That’ll take away a lot of their incentive for illegally entering the U.S.” When asked about the federal border fence, he said “you might sell more shovels and ladders –that’s about it. If you’re going to spend billions of dollars on a fence, why not just put some jails along the border and dump ‘em in there?”

 On the subject of amnesty for illegals, Sheriff Joe says “I’m against it. It’s a matter of fairness. Why should someone who is here illegally be rewarded with an easy path to citizenship? However, with McCain and Obama as the presidential candidates, I predict there will be some form of amnesty in this country. But, I took an oath to enforce the law and so did politicians. Why aren’t they enforcing immigration laws?”

Yep, he’s a tough sheriff. He’s outspoken, and not afraid to tell it like it is. It’s too bad not a single politician has approached him asking for his advice on securing our borders. My guess is, he would’ve had it done by now. Maybe that’s why they haven’t asked him.



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